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  1. Talk:1105: License Plate. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search. In New Jersey (USA), the laws allowing personalize license plates specifically disallows plates in the format of a standard plate. Wouldn't this idea be more effective (theoretically) with 0's and O's (that is, zeroes and capital O's)? Erenan 15:58, 7 September 2012 (UTC) Many localities disallow one.
  2. Geothmetic Meandian Python. XKCD. xkcd: Geothmetic Meandian. import statistics def f (numbers): return (statistics.mean (numbers), statistics.geometric_mean (numbers), statistics.median (numbers)) def gmdn (numbers, decimal_accuracy): value = f (numbers) while (rounded := [float (round (number, decimal_accuracy)) for number in value]).count.
  3. Trying to find a specific XKCD Looking For Comic I'm not entirely sure it's an XKCD comic at all, but it featured normal mothers looking at their own babies calling them something along the lines of the cutest things in the world, and a scientist mother concluding that she couldn't conclude that from just her own baby, because the sample size is too small
  4. 1105: License Plate; 1106: ADD; 1107: Sports Cheat Sheet; 1116: Traffic Lights; 1117: My Sky; 1120: Blurring the Line; 1125: Objects In Mirror; 1127: Congress; 1131: Math; 1133: Up Goer Five; 1138: Heatmap; 1143: Location; 1149: Broomstick; 1151: Tests; 1159: Countdown; 1165: Amazon; 1174: App; 1177: Time Robot; 1180: Virus Venn Diagram; 1181: PGP; 1183: Rose Petals; 1186: Bumblebee
  5. In 1105: License Plate we can see Ponytail is a police officer. Therefore she must be at least 22, and therefore she was born before 1990. If this comic features Ponytail, then it must be set at most in 2000 (when Ponytail was 10). But in 2000 or before people didn't have smartphones. In my opinion this comic is set in 2014, and therefore the girl character is no
  6. For comics 501-1000, see List of all comics (501-1000). For comics 1501-2000, see List of all comics (1501-2000). For comics 2001 to 2476, see List of all comics. The whole list is available at List of all comics (full). xkcd
  7. https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1161: 1161: Hand Sanitizer - explain xkcd. https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1162: 1162: Log Scale - explain xkcd. https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1163: 1163: Debugger - explain xkcd

According to Randall in #xkcd on the night this was released, a full size image of this comic (leaving out the blanks) would be 60 gigapixels, and a true single rectangular image would be close to a terapixel. The online version is 1 gigapixel without the blanks and 10 gigapixel as rectangular image (2048x2048x225 = 943,718,400 and 2048x2048x2592 = 10,871,635,968) Instead the main part of the game is all the references to several movies and other stuff that has often been featured in xkcd as well as many of the other comics. The game feature . The game features an animated Cueball riding on a hoverboard which can take several different positions. The controls are the left, up, and right arrows, as written on the start screen until you begin the game, after which the text disappears. There are alternatives as explained in th

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Cicada 3301 is a nickname given to an enigmatic organization that, on three occasions, has posted a set of puzzles to recruit codebreakers from the public. The first internet puzzle started on January 4, 2012, on 4chan and ran for nearly a month. A second round began one year later on January 4, 2013, and then a third round following the confirmation of a fresh clue posted on Twitter on. Cueball shows their travel from the sea to the current location, and the stranger adds the rising sea level, indicating that he knows about this happening. The stranger shows a castle some more uphill and a long haired woman behind it. Cueball hopes they can speak to her, and the stranger explains with a drawing that it's less than a day away. The strangers collect their devices and store them somewhere. Then they start the travel to the castle. When they rest, Megan and Cueball taste some. I'm quite sure Prince didn't file his taxes to the IRS using that symbol, in fact, according to Wikipedia, 1993 also marked the year in which Prince changed his stage name to Prince logo.svg, which was explained as a combination of the symbols for male and female (). So that wasn't even his name at all! That was just a stage name. If you're making a system for anything official at all, then you don't have to worry about silly stuff like that

1105. Filling Bookcase Shelves [Dynamic Programming] 1039. Minimum Score Triangulation of Polygon; 1036. Escape a Large Maze ; 1035. Uncrossed Lines; 1000. Minimum Cost to Merge Stones; Binary Tree. 104. Maximum Depth of Binary Tree; 1026. Maximum Difference Between Node and Ancestor; 617. Merge Two Binary Trees; 998 Smallest String Starting From Leaf; Linked List. 1019. Next Greater Node In. There's a classic xkcd comic where one character tries to explain these forces to another character, beginning by easily explaining gravity and electromagnetism. He starts getting tripped up around the strong nuclear force, and once he gets to the weak nuclear force, he can only mumble incoherently. In the comic's alt text, he says Of these four fundamental forces, there's one we don. Hector, A. The New Statistics With R: An Introduction for Biologists. (Oxford University Press, 2015) In our final few hours, we're now hoping to hit 1100 backers, which would mean increasing the bonus pack to include even more cards!. I recently posted a video on the ol' (very ol') Machine of Death Kickstarter campaign to explain why I felt TBH might appeal to folks who backed that project.. And I wrote a bit too: I think you'll like TBH if

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In Sandcastle Builder, the t1i timeline is a late-game content path, based on The SilentONGs - t1i - A Sequel To Time. It is accessible after reaching NP 4000 in the OTC timeline and buying several boosts. This timeline is 1414 images (Newpix) long, and all NPs are longpix (1 hour between updates, rather than half an hour). The t1i timeline can support dragons (in positive NPs), and has. Commentary. 1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and.

This idea is based off a post in an online comic called xkcd, and takes the idea of losing jargon to the extreme. Your challenge is to explain your research using only the ten hundred most common words in the English language—even seemingly simple words like 'birds' aren't allowed. There's a webpage set up specifically for this purpose—you can type in the text box, and the. xkcd TimeAfterTimeframe 1104 (t1i-0789) otcstories • original • difference <<1<< <1103< >1105> >>2559>> Random. Date/time: 2014-03-28 12:00 UTC ID: t1i-0789. Go to frame: go. Embed using BBCode: image, link, both, with title, full ONG. This frame on other sites: The moon: t1i/789. More information. Index Time FAQ Epilogue sequence Raw data CSV (just the latest frame), JSON or RSS format. 1 Explanation 1.1 Clarification 1.2 Understanding this Table 1.3 Page Decree Type Categories 2 Table of Pagepopes and Decrees This page serves as a catalogue for the pagepopes and pagemomes of the One True Thread . Having a forum user as Pope has been a long tradition. For most of the thread's existence, the first poster at the top of a newpage has been given the title of Pope or Mome. With. i stated sqls 2day so im still new @ this. uhm i checked the sql injection - and query parameteriation. thanks alot . its very helpfull \M/ and confusing theres an example on that website of c# but im struggling 2 understand the layout ,if you can and have time , would you maybe try 2 quickly explain it

•You have to understand your code and be able to explain it. •Submitting all tasks in time is a requirement of passing the course. •You can collect maximum 11 points, threshold is 7 (details clarified by Miklós and Márton, see Lab01 General course info) 10 September 2019 Basic Image Processing Algorithms 3 * translate: port to requests * movie: port to requests * xkcd: port to requests * Track the channel topic * Improve locale stupidity checking Thanks to @elad661's comment on b73fc6a * url: handle capitalized URLs Trigger rules are case-insensitive regexes, so the auto title responder will be triggered even for capitalized URLs such as Http://google.com (which can happen, for example, when a. Fixes sopel-irc#999 Usually where try/except wouldn't catch NoOptionError, happens when running tests in specific environments. kwaaak added a commit to kwaaak/sopel that referenced this issue on Mar 21, 2018. update2 ( #2) Verified. This commit was created on GitHub.com and signed with a verified signature using GitHub's key

Explain things related to data scieence step-by-step. Archive. Oct 29, 2019, 8:21:37 PM Introduction to Bayesian Optimization; Aug 11, 2019, 11:18:59 AM cProfile Examples in Python; Aug 9, 2019, 11:38:54 PM Time Series Forecasting for Daily Births Dataset by Prophet; Aug 7, 2019, 11:38:29 PM Prophet 101: a time-series forecasting module; Aug 6, 2019, 9:21:13 PM Gradient descent implementation. Sometimes we treat science as a myth, because it's not easy to explain. Wormhole, black hole, relativity Not everyone would be interested in scientific theories for long. Maybe we just need popular science to raise awareness. Technology doesn't equal science. Skimming Wikipedia articles on your latest iPhone won't make you closer to cracking quantum mechanics, although it helps more. Speaking at the Def Con hacking conference, Droogie explained how he hoped his NULL license plates would make it impossible, or at least difficult, for cops to give him a ticket, since they wouldn't be able to enter the ticket into their system. That was dumb. He's broadcasting malicious intent. Better to just say it's a novelty and related.

In this post, I will explain how you can set up DNS resolution between your on-premises DNS with Amazon VPC by using Unbound, an open-source, recursive DNS resolver. This solution is not a managed solution like Microsoft AD and Simple AD, but it does provide the ability to route DNS requests between on-premises environments and an Amazon VPC-provided DNS The etymology module does not decode HTML entities in the snippet before sending it to the channel. This results in printing snippets like this: <Sopel> Old English wæter, from Proto-Germanic *watar (source also of Old Saxon watar, Old Frisian wetir, Dutch water, Old High German wazzar, German Wasser, Old Norse vatn, Gothic wato 'water'), from PIE *wod-or, from root *wed- (1) 'water. Hi, I've looked at the different trim variations, but I need one that will cut off a certain amount of characters from the right hand of a field. My values look like Blue4509, Blue2034, Yellow2345, Orange2341 I'd like to cut off the last 4 values so that I get Blue, Yellow, Orange Thanks Even though I once liked xkcd, the last few years I think it's really gone down. This is an attempt to see wether the rest of the world thinks the same. The results gathered here will tell everybody what xkcds are the better ones. It would then be possible to make some totally pointless graphs of the quality of xkcd over time

SNI support using Python requests for .url. b46649f. without this, SNI-enabled sites, which are becoming more and more popular, are not displayed by the URL plugin a good site to test with is: https://sni.velox.ch/ the requests API is similar enough to the `web.get` API to replace it, but that is left to another pull request, as other plugins. So the 'valid' value they've come up with is the string NULL - they can't use ~~NULL~~ because ~ isn't allowed on a license plate. So because A) anyone can request a valid value on a plate, and B) nonce values must also be valid within the system, the tax payer is capable of ordering a nonce value on a plate

Why GitHub? Features →. Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Securit Nat Neurosci 14: 1105 - 1107. doi: 10.1038/nn.2886 pmid: 21878926. OpenUrl CrossRef PubMed ↵ Nuzzo R (2014) Scientific method: statistical errors. Nature 506: 150 - 152. doi: 10.1038/506150a pmid: 24522584. OpenUrl CrossRef PubMed ↵ Rosch EH (1973) Natural categories. Cogn Psychol 4: 328 - 350. OpenUrl CrossRef ↵ Rosenthal R, Rubin DB (1994) The counternull value of an effect size. xkcd TimeAfterTimeframes. refresh. scroll to bottom # Date/time (UTC) Downloaded Server Difference; 1: 2013-08-01 01:00: xkcd_timeaftertime_20130801_0100.pn Turning features into a model¶. When using linear regression we assume that $$ \mathbf{score} = w_1 \cdot \mathbf{avg\_score} + w_2 \cdot \mathbf{fg\_pct} + \cdots + w_m \cdot \mathbf{win\_pct} $$ . Try to find $(w_1, w_2, \ldots, w_m)$. There's linear algebra, and then there's everything else we do to pay the bills so we can do more linear algebra 1105 - Out of the Box, Into the Fire. 1104 - Plan of Inaction. 1103 - In Force. 1102 - For the Duration. 1101 - Rising Suspicion. 1100 - Into the Tunnels. 1099 - Cool Will Be the Biggest Obstacle. 1098 - The Crucial Ingredient. 1097 - God Forsaken. 1096 - Brewmaster's Tale. 1095 - Name Dropper. 1094 - Face Time. 1093 - Night's Templars. 1092.

A fairly casual setup that looks pretty acceptable is to be riding/walking with a bike, helmet on, sunglasses on and a bandana covering the face (This is normal to stop bugs). KineticLensman 3 months ago [-] > The bulletproof method is to wear clothing that entirely covers your face religious style nicoddemus commented on Jul 31, 2018. Thanks for the report, both of you. This is definitely a problem with the recent addition of package-scoped fixtures. The current workaround is indeed to pin to !=3.7.0 until 3.7.1 is released with a fix. nicoddemus mentioned this issue on Aug 1, 2018 an excerpt from xkcd, geeky web comic. This article is about two common problems with statistical significance in medical research. Both problems are particularly rampant in the study of massage therapy, chiropractic, and alternative medicine in general, and are wonderful examples of why science is hard, why most published research findings are false1 and genuine robust treatment. Hi, observe the following use case: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hir%C5%8D_Onoda @willie_5.4.1 KeyError: u'extract' (file /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist.

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Link to explain-xkcd plus any other link the comic may have. Sharing of comic url or comic image. What-if viewer. Suggestions: Saving current position when you close the app ( u/5225C) Notifications when a new comic is uploaded ( u/Michael_Aut) Custom tags ( u/Syme_v2) If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please send them my way! Once I have something that works I'll upload the code to. As long as we get a statistically relevant percentage of movement (15-20%) we believe we can still be useful to the business. Worst case: a lot of people opt out, we drop from our current 60-70% capture to 20-30% capture and we simply extrapolate the remainder. It's an inexact science but, we believe, very useful

Even Randal of XKCD fame is behind on this one! - Gleno Aug 2 '11 at 22:36. 84 newer answers should be given preferential treatment - I should explain. When people are racing to answer a brand new question, the answers posted a few minutes later tend to be slightly longer but higher quality; but, by then the early answers have gained too much first-five-minutes-momentum. If you add a. xkcd - Mashabl . xkcd: 1 bit, Me: 0 bits (deal with in common subsitutions). 1 bits means its there or not there -- which seems very low for the complexity added by adding capitalization to a password -- generally when capitalization to a password its in a random place or I can think of other many possible capitalization schemes (capitalize everything, capitalize the last letter)

But that can easily be explained as a feature, not a bug. walterbell on July 4, 2017 Most other sites do not automatically transfer your username and password/token from (insecure) email to web Not videos, but an interesting series of photos for an airliner's adverts.. Swimming with Jets http://www.grindtv.com/wildlife/swimming-with-jets-a-stunning-photo. Where we take such action, we'll let you know and explain any options you have to request a review, unless doing so may expose us or others to legal liability; harm our community of users; compromise or interfere with the integrity or operation of any of our services, systems or Products; or where we are restricted due to technical limitations; or where we are prohibited from doing so for. I logged on to my Gmail account from a browser (i usually use Windows Live Mail installed on the desktop or my iPhone). I got a message saying they believe my account had been hacked. There were 2.

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This question is to settle an argument between me and a coworker. Let's say we have the following query, executed on a standard LAMP server. SELECT field1, field2, field3 FROM some_table WHER If you insist that you do not know me, let me explain myself you will feel, why, yes, I do know this person. I've seen this man. With these words, Manoranjan Byapari points to the inescapable roles all of us play in an unequal society. Interrogating My Chandal Life: An Autobiography of a Dalit is the translation of his remarkable memoir Itibritte Chandal Jivan. It talks about his. From SICP section 1.2.6 Example: Testing for Primality Exercise 1.27 asks us to demonstrate that the first six Carmicheal numbers (561, 1105, 1729, 2465, 2821, and 6601) really do fool the Fermat test.We're to write a procedure that takes an integer n and tests whether a n is congruent to a modulo n for every value less than n, then test the procedure on each of the Carmichael numbers listed Gene Martin er på Facebook. Bli medlem av Facebook for å komme i kontakt med Gene Martin og andre du kanskje kjenner. Facebook gir deg muligheten til å.. 9k a year might explain all those deans on 360k a year and universities buying every scrap of land they can to expand campus' bring forth the holy hand grenade. Reply. 4 lokiuk LE . 22 Feb 2018 #22,125 NSP said: When I started working offshore we barely had e-mail, let alone internet. Twenty years on and anything https: takes ages to load and you can forget streaming anything. Click to.

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I think the spirit of my original comment was not to say I promise that X company isn't doing Y more to explain why this code existed in the first place. A search engine doesn't need to know what WebGL capabilities a device has as it doesn't deal with rendering whereas a site that has to work with hardware decoders most likely does need to know Links 8/17: Exsitement. Hackers encode malware that infects DNA sequencing software in a strand of DNA. Make sure to run your family members through an antivirus program before ordering genetic testing. Every time I feel like I've accepted how surprising optical illusions can be, somebody comes out with an even more surprising one that I have. The following rates were for the National Living Wage (previously for those aged 25 and over) and the National Minimum Wage (for those of at least school leaving age) from April 2016. From 1 April. An evil logician takes Alice and Bob captive. They have a chance to escape if they can deduce the total number of trees in the prison. Can they figure.. Download the best games on Windows & Mac. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, and lots of pure customer love

Image courtesy of Randall Munroe, at XKCD Doses in honey aren't nearly as straightforward because there's scarce data for the United States. However, they appear to be in the neighborhood of 1 ppb in other countries (Blacquiere et. al, 2012). Based on levels found in actual bee colonies a field-realistic dose of neonicotinoid in pollen is probably 1-3 ppb, although significantly higher. Dot before '=' cannot be interpreted as anything allowed by the syntax. After this dot ('.'), some identifier is expected. Remove this dot, and you will see Published studies using functional and structural MRI include many errors in the way data are analyzed and conclusions reported. This was observed when working on a comprehensive review of the neural bases of synesthesia, but these errors are probably endemic to neuroimaging studies. All studies reviewed had based their conclusions using Null Hypothesis Significance Tests (NHST) XKCD; Matt Yglesias; Byron York; Carl Zimmer; Category: Updates Dudes On Diets, Ctd. A reader brings a personal touch to this topic: This subject is near-and-dear to my heart. I was a college athlete who never had to even think about what I ate to maintain low bodyfat. Then my workouts dropped to, say, 20% of what I had been doing when I stopped playing college bball and started working a full. XKCD; Matt Yglesias; Byron York; Carl Zimmer; Category: Keepers Watching Cheney: He's Got Nothing [Re-posted from earlier today] His interview last night is worth revisiting again. He says what he has previously said - adding nothing to the factual record, and addressing none of the specifics in the report. But he is also clearly rattled. He is used to proclaiming categorical truths about.

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From my workshop at PePcon 2014, a how to on creating fixed-layout ebooks both from scratch, and using Adobe InDesign's brand-new FXL export option. Print replica = absolute representation of the print page in an accessible digital format. Fixed-layout epub (FXL) is a print-replica format with live text. This is commonly achieved using xhtml. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career So I don't have to explain Ishtar's feet. (Fate/GO types will understand.) ncts_dodge_man. Feb 2, 2021 #1,097 I don't use the MS sync for my desktop/laptop settings - only settings I'm syncing are my Edge (Chromium) so my bookmarks stay synced (though I really wish there was a program that easily synced bookmarks between browsers still since XMarks kicked the bucket). That includes using a. Examples involving the Golden Ratio introduce the Matlab assignment statement, for and while loops, and the plot function. Start by picking a number, any number. Enter it into Matlab by typing x = your number This is a Matlab assignment statement. The number you chose is stored in the variable x for later use XKCD style. R tutorial. Peer Review Inside Insides. Books. Am I making myself clear? A lot of scientists have turned away from mass media because they tend to oversimplify and misrepresent science. Cooperating with journalists is frowned upon in some labs and may even be a bad career move because of this. This whole attitude towards mass media of course makes good scientific sources scarce to.

In an attempt to explain the deeper origins of these associations researchers are examining the linkages between number and finger counting. The current study examines whether finger counting practices reveal consistent spatial-numeric associations and whether there are any spillover effects to other tasks that involve object sorting and counting and other non-counting but quantitative. Thank you for the clarification; you should have explained that in detail in first place. Unfortunately, you formally accepted totally bad Solution 1. Never do such things, first of all, never do stupid things like hard-coding ColumnText and the like. Besides, it does not provided any solution at all Here I focus on a few key problems of NHST related to brain imaging techniques, and explain why or when we should not rely on significance tests. I also observed that, often, the ill-posed logic of NHST was even not correctly applied, and describe what I identified as common mistakes or at least problematic practices in published papers, in light of what could be considered as the very. A great one explains Featured on Meta Take the 2021 Developer Survey. Related. 4886. How to validate an email address in JavaScript. 972. How to validate phone numbers using regex. 3575. How to validate an email address using a regular expression? 1141. How does the SQL injection from the Bobby Tables XKCD comic work? 1995. How does data binding work in AngularJS? 1273. How do I.

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