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  1. Encoding a random number in to words and using them to create a seed. BIP 39 A mnemonic sentence (mnemonic code, seed phrase, seed words) is a way of representing a large randomly-generated number as a sequence of words, making it easier for humans to store
  2. BIP39 Seed. Coin. BIP32 Root Key. Show BIP85 Warning. This is an advanced feature and should only be used if you understand what it does. The value of the BIP85 Child Key field shown below is not used elsewhere on this page. It can be used as a new key. In case of the BIP39 application, you can paste it into the BIP39 Mnemonic field to use it as a new mnemonic..
  3. istic wallets and not just Bitcoin wallet
  4. The BIP39 standard defines a way of passphrase-protecting a seed phrase. A similar scheme is also used in the Electrum standard. If a passphrase is not present, an empty string is used instead. Warning: Forgetting this password will result in the bitcoin wallet and any contained money being lost
  5. Your 12-24 recovery seed phrase or wallet backup most likely comes from the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: 39 (BIP 39). BIP 39 is the use of a mnemonic phrase -- a group of easy to remember words -- to serve as your back up recovery in the event your wallet becomes compromised. These words are pulled from a specific list of 2048 words
  6. BIP39-Wallets können gefährlich sein, wenn Sie keine starke Passphrase verwenden oder entsprechende Sicherheitsvorkehrungen treffen. Verwenden Sie eine lange, einzigartige Passphrase, die bisher nie im Netz, in einem Lied, einer Literatur oder in Medien verwendet wurde

Was du jedoch (noch) nicht weißt: Die BIP39 Seed Wörter sind standardisiert und nicht von Ledger oder einer anderen Firma erfunden. Durch verschiedene Algorithmen kannst du verschiedene Private Keys erhalten. Genau das macht auch eine Hardware Wallet, wie du schon geschrieben hast. Wenn du also deinen Private Key willst, musst du nach dem richtigen Algorithmus suchen, der dir deinen Seed. The probability of BIP39 seed phrase is the same? Since anyone can download Ian Coleman tool offline and generate a random seed phrase by clicking generate button. I wonder what's the probability that the same seed phrase is generated to two or three people who did it offline and hence one of them can access the fund of the other, because if I understand, there's no method to say. A mnemonic phrase can be modified into a number, which is used as a seed that generates all pairs of keys for this wallet. The English word list for the BIP39 standard has 2048 words Doge seeds are cryptographically secure mnemonic seed phrases with added dankness. The first four words will be a randomly generated Doge-like sentence. The seed phrases are fully valid checksummed BIP39 seeds. They can be used with any cryptocurrency and can be imported into any BIP39 compliant wallet. You can test them here: iancoleman.io/bip39

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  1. istic wallets. They are wallets that can be shared partially or entirely with different systems, each with or without the possibility of spending coins
  2. BIP-0039 says: From mnemonic to seed. A user may decide to protect their mnemonic with a passphrase. If a passphrase is not present, an empty string is used instead. To create a binary seed from the mnemonic, we use the PBKDF2 function with a mnemonic sentence (in UTF-8 NFKD) used as the password and the string mnemonic + passphrase (again.
  3. Split and reconstruct your groestlcoin BIP39 Seed using Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
  4. BIP39 seed phrase; These are all interchangeable. Regardless, a seed phrase is simply a representation of a random number. It's an ordered sequence of 12 or 24 words, chosen from a list of 2048 words. Using cryptography, your wallet can derive your private key using your seed phrase. And with that private key, your wallet can spend your bitcoin. Private Key Derivation by Bitcoin Briefly. Each.
  5. gly random words, in alphabetical order, numbered 0 to 2047. Each word represents an 11 bit number (eleven 0's and 1's). In 11 digit binary, 0 is 00000000000, and 2047 is 11111111111. This is not a coincidence

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If you got a 12, 13, 24, or 25 word recovery seed phrase when setting up your wallet, it is most likely a standard BIP39 mnemonic which is a standard, well-defined way of keeping a private key. The reason it makes sense for the wallet developers to use this scheme is that it is an open, well-scrutinized scheme that is reviewed for security Bruteforcing Bitcoin BIP39 Seeds: Scissors Secret Sharing Ledger Donjon CTF Writeup. Nov 24, 2020 • joachim. This challenge was one of the most straightforward to understand in the Ledger Donjon CTF. It involved bruteforcing a 12-word Bitcoin seed passphrase by starting off with partial information about it. Writeup by joachim. Scissors Secret Sharing (100pts) A company found a clever way to. BIP39 describes the steps that should be taken to convert a wallet seed into a mnemonic seed and has become a standard for wallets and has also been adopted for use in numerous other cryptocurrency projects, as well (mostly shitcoins ) BIP39 Diceware - Generating mnemonic using dice and a coin. The process is simple. All you'll need is a plain six sided dice, a coin, a pen and a piece of paper to note down the mnemonic seed. Instead of picking the words manually you are going to generate them by rolling the dice (1-6) and flipping the coin (t/h)

Mnemonic. You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic, or generate a new random one. Typing your own twelve words will probably not work how you expect, since the words require a particular structure (the last word is a checksum). For more info see the BIP39 spec . Generate a random mnemonic : 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24. words, or enter your own below Descrambling 12 word seeds (Using Tokenlist feature for BIP39 seeds via seedrecover.py) Wallet File password recovery for a range of wallets. Seed Phrase (Mnemonic) Recovery for the following wallets. Electrum (1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x) (For Legacy and Segwit Wallets. Set --bip32-path m/0'/0 for a Segwit wallet, leave bip32-path blank for Legacy. Bip39-mnemonic-to-seed. Turn a mnemonic string into a seed. Signature (bip39-mnemonic-to-seed mnemonic passphrase) → seed Arguments mnemonic — Guard (stringp mnemonic). passphrase — Guard (stringp passphrase). Returns seed — Type (byte-listp seed). The mnemonic is also called a key since it is input to a key-stretching function, namely PBKDF2 HMAC-SHA-512. The mnemonic is the first. This seed can be later used to generate deterministic wallets using BIP-0032 or similar methods. Motivation . A mnemonic code or sentence is superior for human interaction compared to the handling of raw binary or hexadecimal representations of a wallet seed. The sentence could be written on paper or spoken over the telephone. This guide is meant to be a way to transport computer-generated.

Trezor, Ledger und Keepkey Hardware Wallets können jeweils nur einen BIP39 Recovery Seed aufbewahren. Wenn Sie mehrere Hardware-Wallets mit unterschiedlichen Seeds haben, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, alle Ihre Kryptoassets auf einen Recovery-Seed auf einer Wallet zu übertragen. Es gibt auch Software Wallets, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, BIP39 Recovery Seeds einzugeben. Allerdings sind Software. Thotheolh Tay on BIP39 passphrase for seed. @paul55088599 Trezor's method is weak against Denial of Service attack assuming the host computer is untrusted and disrupts the channel. Ledger's approach takes the assumption that the host computer should never be relied and input and display should always be carried out on the Ledger device The code checks if a seed phrase is BIP39-compliant or Electrum-generated, and acts accordingly. The derivation of a master binary seed from a seed phrase either follows BIP39 or uses Electrum' s algorithm. In both cases (BIP39 phrases and Electrum phrases), the derivation of Stellar keys from the master binary seed follows SEP-0005. Give it a spin and let me know what you think! darocha. Hi. A BIP39 seed has a checksum built in and part of the last word is the checksum. So if a wallet says it's invalid it likely means one word is not correct. It need not be the last one because any wrong word can throw out the check. To help the guy mentioned above I wrote a small python script to sequentially replace each word with all possible ones and test the checksum. It worked and gave him.

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During the setup of your hardware wallet, you'll be asked to write down a 24 word (BIP39) passphrase (the recovery seed). Properly securing that passphrase is the most important step of the setup. This is the passphrase that you will stamp onto a plate of metal to preserve it for decades to come. Losing or destroying your hardware wallet would not affect you in any way, as long as you. In this post, I will cover several ways how you can store a backup copy of your BIP39 seed phrase. Seed phrase is a group of words of different length, compiled from private or extended private BIP44 HD key for more convenient storage. See example of a seed phrase below 3. Eindrucksvolles Premium-Backup. Ganz abgesehen von der klaren Überlegenheit gegenüber Papier-Backups, was Sicherheit und Beständigkeit für den Seed angeht, ist Cryptotag auch aus weit oberflächlicheren Gründen attraktiver: Die Titanplatte ist nicht nur robust, sondern auch elegant, die Werkzeuge wirken wertig und die Box, in der alles geliefert und aufbewahrt wird, macht auch etwas her

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In the past, it was common practice to allow a software or hardware wallet to generate a new wallet for you based on its random number generator. A set of seed words would be produced that you i CypherSafe creates metal BIP39 / SLIP39 bitcoin seed word storage devices that backup your bitcoin wallet and protect them from physical disaster. We also manufacture the Bitcoin Recovery Tag to permanently record critical information about your hardware wallet. When you've decided to be your own bank and hold your bitcoin yourself, it's time to create a physical backup to protect those.

To initialize the BTFS node by importing a BIP39 Seed Phrase, run btfs init -s <Seed Phrase>, where Seed Phrase must be a 12-word mnemonic, separated by commas between each word, but no space: Shell // Initialize the daemon with the 12 word mnemonic User-MacBook-Pro: user$ btfs init -s time,cave,friend,will,tron,bitcoin,car,bread,cubicle,race,swim,orange Generating TRON key with BIP39 seed. What Is Your Seed Phrase? If you got a 12, 13, 24, or 25 word recovery seed phrase when setting up your wallet, it is most likely a standard BIP39 mnemonic which is a standard, well-defined way of keeping a private key. The reason it makes sense for the wallet developers to use this scheme is that it is an open, well-scrutinized scheme that is reviewed for security Advanced Users: Our wallet implements BIP44 to generate accounts and addresses, and the recovery mnemonic/seed (present in legacy wallets created in 2016 and prior) implements BIP39. The seed is compatible with other BIP44/BIP39 bitcoin wallets Man geht auf einen BIP39-Generator, wie den von Ian Coleman, oder auf einen BIP32-Generator. Hier kann man die Passphrase eingeben und wird jede Information finden, die man braucht, um die Bitcoins zu bergen. Erstens kann man sämtliche Adressen und privaten Schlüssel, die von dieser Passphrase abgeleitet werden, sowohl durch BIP32 als auch BIP44, wieder erzeugen, und dann mithilfe des.

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I have a couple words unclear/missing from my 24-word BIP39 seed phrase, which unlocks my Ethereum address. I want to bruteforce through all possible seed phrases and find the one. It shouldn't tak.. All BIP39 seed words can be found in this list. SafePal fully supports BIP39/44 standard. The Mnemonic Phrase can come in different sets: 12 words/set, 15 words/set, 18 words/set, and 24 words/set, depending on how you choose it when you first create a new wallet. The longer the seed is, the more secure it will be. SafePal Software Wallet. If a BIP39-compatible passphrase is created using a new set of 24 seed words, it provides 76 degrees of extra complexity (ie. 1 with 76 zeros, or 10⁷⁶ possible combinations of words). The strength of this 2nd factor solution, provides adequate risk-management, when considering the production of multiple backup devices, strategically stored in multiple geographical locations

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BIP39 - used to manage your recovery seed and recovery words. Abstract. This BIP describes the implementation of a mnemonic code or mnemonic sentence -- a group of easy to remember words -- for the generation of deterministic wallets. It consists of two parts: generating the mnemonic, and converting it into a binary seed. This seed can be later used to generate deterministic wallets using BIP. Electrum new seed format: Starting with Electrum version 2.0 it introduced a new seed format, the Seed Version System to fix some of the perceived shortcomings of BIP39. This format derives keys and addresses from a hash of the UTF8 normalised seed phrase with no dependency on a fixed wordlist. Even though it doesn't depend on a fixed wordlist it uses the same 2048 English wordlist as. MetaMask Account Recovery using Seed Phrase. One set of mnemonic can be used to create multiple addresses. This method of generating account was introduced in BIP32 & BIP39 long time ago. Here, we. [−] Struct bip39:: Seed. pub struct Seed { /* fields omitted */ } Because it is not possible to create a Mnemonic instance that is invalid, it is therefore impossible to have a Seed instance that is invalid. This guarantees that only a valid, intact mnemonic phrase can be used to derive HD wallet addresses. To get the raw byte value use Seed::as_bytes(). These can be used to derive HD.

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  1. istic keys . This BIP describes the implementation of a recovery seed and its relation to BIP32 binary master seed. It consists of two parts: 1) generating the recovery seed and 2) converting it into a binary master seed m including an optional application of a passphrase during the conversion
  2. Mnemonic Code Converter. A tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic phrases to addresses and private keys. Enter your BIP39 phrase into the 'BIP39 Phrase' field, or press 'Generate Random Phrase'. You can save this page, turn off internet and generate private keys as lot as you wish. You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic, or generate a new random one
  3. The BIP39 mnemonic seed phrase plus the word mnemonic plus an optional passphrase created by the user are all input into a Key Stretching Function called PBKDF2 using HMAC-SHA512. The input makes 2048 rounds through the function and out comes 512 bits which is your new seed. This seed has extra protection because a would-be thief needs to know your passphrase in addition to the words in.
  4. You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic, or generate a new random one. Typing your own twelve words will probably not work how you expect, since the words require a particular structure (the last word contains a checksum). For more info see the BIP39 spec . Generate a random mnemonic : 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24. words, or enter your own below
  5. BIP39 seed is the result of hashing the BIP39 mnemonic seed. Motivation. Most wallets implement BIP32 which defines how a BIP32 root key can be used to derive keychains. As a consequence, a backup of just the BIP32 root key is sufficient to include all keys derived from it. BIP32 does not have a human friendly serialization of the BIP32 root key (or BIP32 extended keys in general) which makes.
  6. Keep your seed phrase (mnemonics) secure in metal! Fireproof - Waterproof - Insect proof - for life time keeping COMPATIBLE WITH ALL BIP39 WALLETS. Allows 24 word Seed Phrases and stores first 4 letters of each word. Compatible with mnemonics from every BIP39 wallets such as Ledger, Trezor, ELLIPAL wallets
  7. This is a simple lib that takes a bip39 seed phrase and generates a rsa key from it. This is useful in certain situations where you need to be able to restore a rsa key. It also contains a seeded random number generator that should pass all uniformity tes. rsa seeded bip39

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The English-language wordlist for the BIP39 standard has 2048 words, so if the phrase contained only 12 random words, the number of possible combinations would be 2048^12 = 2^132 and the phrase would have 132 bits of security. However, some of the data in a BIP39 phrase is not random (see: BIP39: Generating the mnemonic), so the actual security of a 12-word BIP39 seed phrase is only 128 bits. BIP39: Die 4 Anfangsbuchstaben sind ausreichend. Bewahren Sie diese 24-Wörter stets sehr sicher auf, am Besten in einem Schließfach oder Safe. Auf einem Vortrag hatte ein Leser seine Wörter in seiner Brieftasche dabei. Das ist grob fahrlässig! Niemals sollten Sie diese Wörter ungeschützt (unverschlüsselt) mit sich führen, oder gar gemeinsam mit der Hardware-Wallet aufbewahren. I'm writing a Java implementation of Bitcoin's BIP39. So far, my code is able to produce a randomly generated mnemonic phrase correctly. However, when converting the 12 word Mnemonic Phrase into a 512-bit seed, the resulting value does not match with results from Ian Coleman's BIP39 Tool.. To start, a SecureRandom object generates a random 512-bit Entropy value (ENT) The Ethereum wallet app Blockwallet for iOS generates seed phrases with 24 words (BIP39). Using their keytools I am able to get a private key. How do I convert the private key into a 12 word seed

Begriffe wie mnemonische Phrase, Mnemonic, Mnemonic Seed, Mnemonic Seed Phrase, Seed Key oder Recovery Phrase, von denen im Zusammenhang mit Wallets und Backups gelegentlich die Rede ist, meinen alle genau dasselbe: die 12 oder 24 Wörter lange Seed-Phrase. Buch Kryptos verwahren und vererben | Marc Steiner. Folgend ein Beispiel, wie diese Seed-Phrase aussehen kann (erstellt mit dem BIP39-Tool. EIP2333 Keys can be generated from a BIP39 mnemonic, or a seed, or a master secret key. For more info see the EIP2333 spec . Generate a random mnemonic : 12 15 18 21 24. words, or enter your own below . Mnemonics with less than 12 words have low entropy and may be guessed by an attacker. Mnemonic Language Bei dem BIP39 Recovery Seed in Form von 24 Wörtern ist darauf zu achten, immer nur die ersten vier Buchstaben zu verwenden. Denn die ersten vier Zeichen sind ausreichend, um auf das richtige Wort der BIP39 Wortliste zu schließen. Besteht eines der Wörtern nur aus drei Zeichen, sollte ein Füllzeichen eingefügt werden (siehe Beispiel oben bei Any). Dafür findet man zum Beispiel in. Mnemonic (seed phrase) backup feature was introduced in December 2019 with version, following the BIP39 standard.. This allows you to easily store a backup of your wallet offline as well as restoring it to other compatible wallets that supports mnemonic words, instead of just backing up your wallet.dat file previous The last word of a BIP39 seed phrase is actually a checksum, meaning you need a computer to calculate it for you. It will also calculate some extended public key information that will be used to identify payments and generate transactions for your hardware wallets to sign. Print Out Seed Words . You are going to print out all 2048 words from the official BIP39 wordlist so you can select your.

Each seed storage has a few minor differences, but each performs the same basic function of protecting your seeds for much longer than a piece of paper ever could. ColdTi - ColdTI is a $20 set of two titanium plates that support stamping of BIP39 wordlist/numbers It can support BIP39 seeds of 12, 18, or 24 words, or even vanilla private keys - no matter the coin. Simple Set Up. Have your recovery seed backed up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Our 'no stamping required' method means a fast backup without sacrificing security.. Electrum currently use the same wordlist as BIP39 (2048 words). A typical seed has 12 words, which results in 132 bits of entropy in the choice of the seed. In Electrum, the seed is used as the root for deriving individual Bitcoin keys (addresses). Since Monero only needs one address, the seed is used to derive the private key of the address, and that's all it's used for. Actually, seed.

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matheusd/bip39-to-dcr-seed is an open source project licensed under ISC License which is an OSI approved license. Get the trending Go projects with our weekly report! » Subscribe « Sponsored. SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives. www.saashub.com. Posts. Posts where bip39-to-dcr-seed has been mentioned. We have used. The seed phrase is a randomly-generated string of words cryptographically derived from the wallet's private key and paired with 12,18 or 24 words (as per the user's discretion) from a list of 2,048 English words called the BIP39 Wordlist. This sequence can also be converted to a corresponding series of mapped numbers that provide the user access to his wallet and its public-private key. James Stanley Steganographic Bitcoin seeds: Hiding cash in plain sight. Wed 22 February 2017. Tagged: steganography, software I made a tool, stegoseed, to generate sentences which steganographically encode Bitcoin wallet seeds, and to decode such sentences to retrieve wallet seeds.It comes with an example BIP39 seed to play with Plug in your data devices, open Ian Coleman's Bip39 tool in Tor Browser and attempt to recover your seed. Enter your 24 word Bip39 seed phrase from your backed up source. Enter your Bip39 passphrase. Beside Coin select Ethereum. Scroll down and check the addresses you stored against the addresses on screen. If they are the same, then you have properly backed up your seed phrases. BIP39 Seed. Coin. BIP32 Root Key. Prefixes. Use Ltpv / Ltub instead of xprv / xpub. Derivation Path. BIP32; Client. BIP32 Derivation Path. BIP32 Extended Private Key. BIP32 Extended Public Key . Derived Addresses. Path Toggle. Address Toggle. Private Key Toggle. Balance Toggle : Show more rows starting from index (leave blank to generate from next index) Offline Usage. You can use this tool.

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For advanced users who use an optional BIP39 passphrase, it should be saved and handled just like your 24-word mnemonic, since in this case, your BIP39 seed would be derived from both your 24-word AND your passphrase. Losing your passphrase is just as bad as losing your 24 words, it would mean losing access to all your crypto assets! Also, make sure your family and heirs / next of kin could. Select I already have a seed and click Next 4 Type in your secret 12-word phrase from Exodus: 5 Click Options and select BIP39 seed. This will turn on the Next button. Click OK, then the Next button will light up. Before you proceed, make sure the BIP39 Checksum reads OK under the text field. This will mean you've entered your secret. The Cobo Tablet locks magnetically and can be rotated to reveal the BIP39 seed phrase (Image: Decrypt) The Cobo Tablet is a sleek mnemonic storage device that can be used to keep 12, 18, and 24-word BIP39 recovery seeds safe from a variety of threats. Like many metal wallets, the Cobo Tablet is designed to store the first four characters of each BIP39 seed word. Measuring a slimline 60 mm x. However, some of the data in a BIP39 phrase is not random, so the actual security of a 12-word BIP39 seed phrase is only 128 bits. This is approximately the same strength as all Bitcoin private keys, so most experts consider it to be sufficiently secure. The generation of the seed is made by a series of processes described in BIP39 standard. The pairs of public and private keys are derived by.

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Kompatibel mit allen BIP39 harten Brieftaschen: Es unterstützt bis zu 24 mnemonics Seed Phrase (nur 4 erste Buchstaben erforderlich). Einfach aufzubauen: Keine Drittanbieter, Hammer, Stempelset oder Bankblöcke erforderlich, um Ihren privaten Samensprung zu sichern. 5-Sterne-Erfahrungsgarantie: Fehler passieren, wenn Sie mit Ihrem SteelWallet nicht 100% zufrieden sind oder es Probleme mit. BIP39 code. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets

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The Recovery seed usually contains a sequence of 12-24 words — uniquely and securely generated inside your TREZOR, when you first set it up. It is of utmost importance to keep this backup sentence secret and safe! In case your device gets lost, you will need it for recovery — a simple process when you enter the words of your seed, in the order as prompted, into a new TREZOR device. You may. Seeds and Public Keys. There are two components to your wallet that you need to backup to guarantee future recovery: seed phrases and public keys. Seed Phrases. BIP39 seeds are 24* word phrases that represent your bitcoin private keys. With multisig, you only need to have m (of your total n) seed phrases to sign a transaction. Seed phrases should be guarded very carefully as anyone who gets.

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The seed phrase, a 12 word mnemonic, can be generated in one of two ways: either by the service via the BIP39 spec or submitted manually by the user as an easy to remember hard to guess expression. The seed phrase serves as the master root for the entire key tree, therefore strong entropy should be applied if manual submission is the desired course of action pub struct Mnemonic { /* fields omitted */ } [ −] Expand description. A mnemonic code. The core::str::FromStr implementation will try to determine the language of the mnemonic from all the supported languages. (Languages have to be explicitly enabled using the Cargo features.) Supported number of words are 12, 18 and 24 As of version 2.0, your mnemonic seed uses BIP39 words which can be imported into any BIP44 compatible wallet. When importing your mnemonic seed words into these wallets, the option to use BIP39 may not be a default and might require clicking a checkbox. Depending on which currency you're restoring, you will need to modify the derivation path that the wallet uses. Ensure you use the correct. Anda dapat menganggap frase seed mnemonic BIP39 sebagai password master. Frase pemulihan 24 kata terlihat seperti ini. Contoh frase benih BIP39: gravitasi piala tersangka sheriff alpukat label kepercayaan tragic dove pitch judul jaringan diriku sendiri tugas melindungi mantra halus pedang buku harian otak blossom bulb di bawah. Kata-kata benih yang dihasilkan oleh dompet Anda bukanlah kata.

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Electrum won't stop you from creating a bip39 wallet with an incorrect seed or derivation path so you need to be mindful of this yourself. 58 thoughts on Restoring your MultibitHD or Bread Wallet in Electrum Tom says: August 20, 2017 at 1:46 am. Thank you - I didn't realize the derivation path was significant ! Worked great. Reply. June says: November 24, 2017 at 1:14 am. Hi, Thank. Using Ian Coleman's BIP39 tool requires that you type your wallet's seed phrase into it. We will show you how to run this tool on a secure temporary live-boot TAILS system to help protect your seed phrase from malware and other security risks Es kann das BIP39/crypto-libs-distro/ Verzeichnis auch auf einem USB-Stick kopiert werden und dann auf einen frischen Pi, der keine Verbindung zum Internet hat die Keys erzeugt werden. Nach der Key-Erzeugung die 24 Wörter abschreiben und sicher aufbewahren. Dann kann der Pi und der USB-Stick platt gemacht werden

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