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  1. Der Injective Protocol-Preis heute liegt bei . €6.80 EUR mit einem 24-Stunden-Handelsvolumen von €23,666,304 EUR. Injective Protocol ist in den letzten 24 Stunden um 7.67% angestiegen. Das aktuelle CoinMarketCap-Ranking ist #149, mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von €186,901,358 EUR. Es verfügt über ein zirkulierendes Angebot von 27,505,060 INJ Coins und ein Maximalvorrat von 100,000,000.
  2. Über Injective Protocol. Injective Protocol-Kurs für heute ist $8,75 mit einem 24-stündigen Handelsvolumen von $35.300.839. INJ-Kurs ist um 12.6% gestiegen in den letzten 24 Stunden.Es gibt derzeit eine Gesamtanzahl von 29 Millionen Kryptowährungen und eine maximale Anzahl von 100 Millionen Kryptowährungen
  3. What is Injective Protocol? So, what is the injective protocol? Well, it's a universal DeFi protocol which allows for crushed chain derivative trading an interoperable derivative debt protocol, If..
  4. Injective is Integrating Near Protocol to Expand our Multi-Chain Trading Ecosystem We are thrilled to announce that Injective will be integrating with NEAR Protocol to expand our multi-chain..
  5. Injective Protocol is a fully decentralised, front-running resistant, layer-2 exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi
  6. Image Credits: Injective Protocol Back in December last year Injective Protocol launched the testnet for its DeFi protocols for cross-chain derivatives trading, with backing from giant crypto..
Injective Protocol soon to launch the trading of tokenized

Injective Protocol price today is $7.68 with a 24-hour trading volume of $21,560,854. INJ price is up 5.2% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 29 Million INJ coins and a max supply of 100 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Injective Protocol, Gate.io is currently the most active exchange Injective Protocol is the first layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. Injective Protocol enables fully..

Injective Protocol (INJ) Kurs, Marktkapitalisierung, Chart

Injective Protocol. 600 likes · 37 talking about this. Access limitless markets with zero barriers. Injective is the first front-running resistant,.. The live Injective Protocol price today is $8.77 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $32,042,483 USD. Injective Protocol is up 9.10% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #145, with a live market cap of $241,031,592 USD. It has a circulating supply of 27,495,241 INJ coins and a max. supply of 100,000,000 INJ coins.If you would like to know where to buy Injective Protocol. Información sobre Injective Protocol El precio de Injective Protocol (INJ) hoy es de 7,55 US$ con un volumen de comercio de 19.189.267 US$ en 24 horas. El precio ha bajado a -3.0% en las últimas 24 horas. Tiene una cantidad en circulación de 29 millones monedas y una cantidad máxima de 100 millones monedas Injective Protocol May 14 at 10:20 AM · Reflexer Finance will be integrating the RAI stablecoin with Injective, making us the first decentralized derivatives exchange to support RAI

Injective Protocol (INJ): The Next Generation DEX, First

At Injective Protocol, you'll have an opportunity to work at the bleeding edge of decentralized finance on products that will redefine our global financial markets. By joining us at this early stage, you will be able to have a high impact on the growth of Injective as well as advance the state of... New York City • Remot Injective Protocol | 1,642 followers on LinkedIn. Access limitless markets with zero barriers. | Access limitless markets with zero barriers. Injective is the first front-running resistant, layer. Injective Protocol is a DeFi protocol that is used for cross-chain derivatives trading across a wide range of financial products. By providing the unrestricted and unprecedented ability to express diverse views in the decentralized financial markets, Injective gives individuals the ability to more efficiently allocate capital in the society However, because Injective Protocol is designed as a fully decentralized network, we do not follow this approach. Instead, transaction fees paid in Injective Protocol are used for two purposes. As compensation for relayers for driving liquidity to the protocol; As auction collateral for a buyback and burn process. In this token economic model, transaction fees collected over a fixed period.

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Injective Protocol enables fully decentralized trading without any restrictions, allowing individuals to trade on any derivative market of their choosing. Injective Protocol is backed by a. Injective Protocol Social Media. Join Our Mailing List. Equinox Stakin In den nächsten 3 Jahren, der höchste Injective Protocol Kurs könnte 81.2391 USD erreichen, und der niedrigste Injective Protocol Kurs könnte 6.91993 USD betragen. Nach unseren Berechnungen erwarten wir am Ende von 2022 einen Injective Protocol-Kurs um 22.4543 USD, während er am Ende von 2023 leicht auf dem Kursniveau 36.3311 USD landen könnte. Wenn wir die Injective Protocol für die.

Injective Protocol; Staking; Staking. Q: Is staking live? Q. What is the Staking Competion about and what's the difference with the previous phase? Q. I selected Connect through Ledger but I cannot find my address in the dropdown. How do I resolve this? Q. How can I report any issues that I encounter? Q. Has the pre-stake period ended? Q. What happens if I missed the pre-staking period? Q. How. Injective Protocol price prediction and analysis. Injective Protocol INJ is a decentralised exchange protocol that enables futures and CFD trading in any ass.. Die Grafik zeigt die Injective Protocol Preis Dynamik in BTC, USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, NZD, HKD, SGD, PHP, ZAR, INR, MXN, CHF, CNY, RUB. Verwende den Umschalter um die INJ Preis Änderung für heute, für eine Woche, für einen Monat, für ein Jahr und für alle Zeiten zu sehen. Convert INJ to USD. Kaufen / Verkaufen INJ ; Injective Protocol INJ. US Dollar USD. Injective Protocol Preis: BTC 0.00020. The Injective Protocol relies on several essential components in ensuring its efficiency: order books, Bi-directional token bridge for transferring ERC-20 tokens going to and coming from the chain, TEC or trade execution coordinator, EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine Execution Environment, protocol governance, the INJ token, collateral backing, security, exchange fee value accrual, tokenomics.

Injective Protocol Kurs in Euro € Live , Realtime für Heute. Injective Protocol Chart. Heute 04.06.2021 Injective Protocol(INJ) Kryptowährungen kurse für Heute. Injective Protocol Kurs in Euro, Franken, Dollar und Bitcoin. Injective Protocol Chart (INJ) €,$,CHF,BTC aktuell Coinkurse in Echtzeit. Injective Protocol umrechner und Kalkulator zu Euro € Injective Protocol, the new Binance IEO, packs a punch. Binance announced its 16th project on Binance Launchpad, the Injective Protocol (INJ). The token sale for injective protocol followed a lottery format and Binance has completed the lottery draw for the protocol with the below-given outcome: A total of 22,175 total participants claimed a. Key Features of Injective Protocol (INJ) Injective can perform fast trading while charging zero gas fees. This is called Layer-2 decentralized derivatives trading. Injective gives a price feed that enables users to build and trade on any derivative market. It allows cross-chain trading. Injective's network is administered by its decentralized. Injective Protocol (INJ) ist eine Kryptowährung mit einem aktuellen Preis von 8,70 € (umgerechnet in Bitcoin = Ƀ 0.00028100) und einer totalen Marktkapitalisierung von 250.867.555 €.Der Marktpreis von Injective Protocol ist in den letzten 24 Stunden um 16.22% gestiegen. Derzeit befindet sich Injective Protocol auf Rang 164 aller Kryptowährungen nach Marktkapitalisierung mit einem.

Injective Protocol CEO Eric Chen notes, Our work with Cartesi will be a tremendous boon for broad developer adoption within the decentralized trading ecosystem. Both projects are part of the Binance family, so it is an exciting step in our journey to deepen this relationship further. Cartesi Enables Developers With Adequate Solutions. Most developers find it difficult to access certain. Injective Protocol is working on releasing the full potential of decentralized derivatives and cross-border DeFi. It is also supported by several renowned stakeholders like Pantera Capital. Injective protocol also recently entered a 3-way partnership with TomoChain and DeFi Ramp. Altcoin Buzz also recently published a two-part in-depth series on PlasmaPay. INJ Price. At the time of publication.

Injective Protocol (INJ) Search Trends. There is a correlation between price appreciation and public interest in cryptocurrencies, such as Injective Protocol. Many cryptocurrency investors use Google Trends, which measures the volume of web searches for a particular topic over time, as a tool to gauge whether public interest is increasing or. Injective Protocol is a universal DeFi protocol which allows for cross-chain derivatives trading via an interoperable protocol. It will therefore allow users to trade spot swaps and futures in a completely permissionless way. In addition, users will also be able to create their own derivatives and create markets for them on the Injective Protocol

Injective is a layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol designed to avoid the issues of network congestion and high transaction fees that are slowing down the growth of the DeFi (decentralized finance) sector. Built on the Tendermint consensus protocol, Injective enables decentralized cross-chain trading of derivatives such as futures contracts and perpetual swaps Überprüfen Sie den Injective Protocol-Preis heute und erkunden Sie die Live-Injective Protocol-Preistabelle: Holen Sie sich die neuesten INJ-Preisdetails. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Injective Protocol bei SimpleSwap kaufen. Versuchen wir, eine INJ-Preisvorhersage zu erstellen Injective Protocol is developed by a team with a vast experience in blockchain technology and other closely related technologies. Its Co-founder and CEO, Eric Chen, is a protocol researcher at Investing Capital, while its CTO, Albert Chon, is a software developer at Amazon. Others include full-stack developers, Solidity developers, and Golang developers. Moreover, the Injective team comprises. Injective Protocol is an emergent DeFi project. It's built on Cosmos SDK and has made several big announcements recently. The news of the exchange listing Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google was particularly well-received, not least because tokenized stocks are a first for DeFi. Coinbase Custody has been placing focus on DeFi, too Injective Protocol INJ: Mainnet Launch. Equinox Staking will allow both validators and delegators to stake on Injective as we prepare to launch our mainnet in Q2. A mainnet is the official final product of the blockchain project and the realization of the promise made in the whitepaper. In other words, a mainnet launch is the opening of the.

Injective Protocol (INJ) is currently ranked as the #147 cryptocurrency by market cap. Today it reached a high of $7.92, and now sits at $7.59. Injective Protocol (INJ) price is up 0.700000% in the last 24 hours. Injective Protocol's ICO launched on October 18th 2020 and ran until October 19th 2020 Injective Protocol is the first layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of DeFi. It enables fully decentralized trading without any restrictions, allowing individuals to trade on any market of their choosing such as with crypto, synthetics, and NFTs. Injective allows various forms of decentralized trading such as futures, perpetuals, spots, etc. We have built. PARSIQ is very proud to announce our partnership with Injective Protocol, to enable fully automated decentralized trading. Injective is the first front-running resistant, layer-2 exchange protocol

Der Injective Protocol-Preis entspricht heute $9,092 USD, der Preis kann sich jedoch sowohl nach oben als auch nach unten bewegen und das von Ihnen investierte Geld kann komplett verloren gehen, da es sich bei Kryptowährungen um hochrisikoreiche Anlagewerte handelt. kurzfristige Injective Protocol-Prognose . basierend auf dem Preisverlauf der letzten 4 Stunden . langfristige Injective. Injective Protocol Hakkında. Bugün için Injective Protocol fiyat $8,14 24 saatlik ticaret $23.328.296 hacmiyle şeklindedir. Fiyat son 24 saatte 6.0% artmıştır.It has a circulating supply of 29 Milyon INJ coins and a max supply of 100 Milyon. Gate.io, şu anda bunun ticaretinin yapıldığı en aktif piyasadır

Injective Protocol (INJ) Price, Chart & Market Cap

Injective Protocol. 1 like · 1 talking about this. Access limitless markets with zero barriers. Injective is the first front-running resistant, layer-2 exchange protocol that unlocks the full.. Injective Protocol is designed to offer traders unparalleled access to decentralized derivatives markets. Smart contract execution is performed through a modular implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This project is famous for having multiple high profile investors including: Mark Cuban, Pantera Capital, BlockTower, Hashed Ventures, CMS Holdings, and QCP Capital

Injective Protocol Twitter.com 1 mo ago. We are thrilled to announce that @InjectiveLabs (INJ) will be listed on @Gemini, which currently stands as one of the largest and most reputable exchanges. All users will be now be able to trade INJ with USD. bit.ly/3aOHFB8 Injective Protocol is not supported by Coinbase. Share. Add to Watchlist. Share. Add to Watchlist. 1h 24h 1w 1m 1y all. Market cap $ 240.6M. Volume (24 hours) $ 35.4M. Circulating supply 27.5 M INJ. What's going on with INJ? Although INJ is not available to trade, you can add it to your watchlist, read news, and more with a Coinbase account. Get started. Trending assets. Assets with the. Injective Protocol is the first layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. Injective Protocol enables fully decentralized trading without any restrictions, allowing individuals to trade on any derivative market of their choosing. Injective Protocol is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Pantera. Injective Protocol Kurse, Charts, Marktkapitalisierungen, Angebot, Nachrichten, inj-Kursverlauf, USD-Umrechner, vollständige Infos über inj-Coin Injective is building a decentralized exchange that provides limitless access to all financial markets. Injective Protocol enables fully decentralized trading without any restrictions, allowing individuals to trade on any derivative market of their choosing. New York City. $120k - $200k. Apply now

Why Injective Protocol (INJ) Is an Incredible Investment

To withdraw your Injective Protocol (INJ), hover over the Funds tab and click on Withdrawals. Injective Protocol (INJ) can be safely stored using MyEtherWallet, so we'll use that. (MyEtherWallet Setup Guide) Locate Injective Protocol (INJ) by using the drop-down box provided. Enter the amount of INJ you'd like to withdraw taking into account the fees/minimums shown and make. Injective Protocol price prediction in 2025 - up to $27.67 (INJ/USD), INJ price prediction, Injective Protocol(INJ) forecast. Stay up to date with the Injective Protocol (INJ) price prediction on the basis of hitorical data. View Injective Protocol (INJ) price prediction chart, yearly average forecast price chart, prediction tabular data of all months of the year 2025 and all other. Injective Protocol Kurs in CHF Live , Realtime für Heute. Injective Protocol Chart. Heute 30.05.2021 Injective Protocol(INJ) Kryptowährungen kurse für Heute. Injective Protocol Kurs in Euro, Franken, Dollar und Bitcoin. Injective Protocol Chart (INJ) €,$,CHF,BTC aktuell Coinkurse in Echtzeit. Injective Protocol umrechner und Kalkulator zu CHF

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Injective Protocol raises $10M from Pantera Capital, Mark

  1. Het Injective Protocol steunt op verschillende essentiële componenten om zijn efficiëntie te verzekeren: orderboeken, Bi-directionele token bridge voor het overbrengen van ERC-20 tokens die van en naar de keten gaan, TEC of trade execution coordinator, EVM of Ethereum Virtual Machine Execution Environment, protocol governance, het INJ token, collateral backing, security, exchange fee value.
  2. Injective Protocol (INJ) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. Injective Protocol has a current supply of 100,000,000 with 16,055,554 in circulation. The last known price of Injective Protocol is 13.20283454 USD and is down -1.38 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 42 active market(s) with $46,792,893.43 traded over the last 24 hours.More information can be.
  3. Injective Protocol historical price data for . Stay up to date with the Injective Protocol historical price data. Exchange all other currencies for Injective Protocol (INJ). Injective Protocol price and other INJ cryptocurrency market and exchange information
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Important features of Injective protocol With its layer-2 decentralized derivatives trading, Injective will be able to achieve a great trading speed without the... Injective also has finer capabilities of supporting a wide array of yield generation and trading across distinct layer-1... The. Injective Protocol (INJ) - Übersichtsinformationen einschließlich Diagrammen, Börsen, Nachrichten, Diskussionen, Algorithmen, Brieftaschenlink und Währungsumrechne 1.7 Injective Protocol (INJ) und seine Anwendungsfälle; 1.8 Verwendung des INJ-Tokens auf der Injective m-Plattform; 1.9 Fazit. 1.9.1 In diesem Artikel haben wir gelernt, wie man Injective Protocol (INJ) kauft: Wie kaufe ich Injective Protocol (INJ) Deutschland; Wie kaufe ich Injective Protocol (INJ) Österreich; Wie kaufe ich Injective Protocol (INJ) Schweiz; Injective Protocol investment analysis. A current INJ cost is $8.1. According to this Injective Protocol analysis, today the investment has a 3.4 out of 10 safety rank and +157.8% expected ROI with the cost moving to $20.89. The strongest ranking factor for this cryptocurrency is Market Cap Das Injective Protocol gab kürzlich bekannt, dass es von mehreren Investoren, darunter Pantera Capital und dem Milliardär Mark Cuban, 10 Millionen US-Dollar für sein DeFi-Protokoll erhalten hat, das angeblich das Beste aus zentralem und dezentralem Austausch bietet. Ziel von Injective ist es, einen dezentralen Konkurrenten für Robinhood aufzubauen. In Bezug auf die Entwicklung gab das.

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Injective Protocol price, INJ chart, market cap, and info

Injective Protocol (CRYPTO:INJ) ist Berichten zufolge die Firma hinter dem Kauf. Mirza Uddin, ein Sprecher für Injective Protocol, sagte, dass die Gruppe noch entscheiden werde, welche wohltätige Organisation die Erlöse erhalten solle. Unser Ziel ist es, die Welt der traditionellen Kunst mit der Welt der NFTs zu verbinden. Also, wir werden auf jeden Fall mehr tun, um dieses Ethos. Injective Protocol (@injectivelabs) on TikTok | 71 Likes. 76 Fans. Access limitless markets with zero barriers Injective Protocol describes itself as the first layer-2 DEX that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. The Injective Chain is implemented as a Cosmos SDK module, built with Ethermint (EVM on Tendermint). It utilizes a Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake to facilitate cross chain derivatives trading across Cosmos, Ethereum, and many other layer-1 protocols. Injective Protocol is an advanced decentralized exchange that offers features far beyond standard token swapping. The project is focused on derivatives trading, which is powered by decentralized order books that preserve a traditional exchange system while at the same time not sacrificing security or speed. By functioning via a sidechain powered by the Cosmos SDK, Injective Protocol can offer.

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Injective's Road to Mainnet: Phase One by Injective Labs

Injective Protocol Eric Chen, Co-Founder. Derivatives Governance Launch We are thrilled to launch Injective governance for derivatives markets! Starting today, users participating in Equinox staking will be able to propose new derivatives market listings for both perpetuals and futures contracts. The governance process is a core component of our decentralized protocol and will serve an. Injective Protocol's core features include: Chain - A layer 2 Cosmos Zone that hosts the exchange protocol, which includes a fully decentralized orderbook, trade execution coordinator, order matcher and order execution environment. Futures - A peer-to-peer futures protocol supporting perpetual swaps and contracts for difference enabling. Der aktuelle Injective Protocol-Preis liegt heute bei 10.48 $ mit einem 24-Stunden-Handelsvolumen von 32,603,774 $. Injective Protocol ist in den letzten 24 Stunden um 11.80% gestiegen. Im aktuellen Ranking nach Marktkapitalisierung liegt Injective Protocol mit 303,008,290 $ auf Platz #160. Aktuell. The developers of Injective Protocol, a digital assets derivatives exchange for DeFi that has been supported by Binance and Pantera Capital, has launched what it claims to be the world's. Injective Protocol is a completely decentralised platform, owned and governed by the community and from which the entire community benefits rather than a few individuals like with centralised exchanges, creating incredibly strong positive feedback loops. Add in 15% staking rewards and potential to earn 40% of trading fees as referrals, in my opinion this is an incredible investment opportunity.

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The Injective Chain is a fully decentralized sidechain relayer network which serves as a layer-2 derivatives platform, a Trade Execution Coordinator (TEC), and decentralized orderbook. Injective Chain utilizes the Tendermint consensus mechanism and the core protocol logic is implemented through Cosmos-SDK modules Injective Protocol is collaborating with Dvision Network to explore the opportunity of launching NFT future contracts for items created in the metaverse. The primary purpose of launching future contracts is to enable users to capitalize on NFT sale prices, thereby allowing them to take part in NFT prediction markets. As a part of the integration, Dvision will be powering Injective's Protocol. Injective Protocol Daily Performance. Today's Injective Protocol price is $7.7162, which is down 9% over the last 24 hours. Injective Protocol's market cap is $222.91M. 24 hour INJ volume is $28.75M.It has a market cap rank of 169 with a circulating supply of 28,888,887 and max supply of 100,000,000. Injective Protocol is traded on exchanges. Injective Protocol had an all-time high of $22.28. INJ Token Sale Details: Token Name: Injective Protocol (INJ) Launchpad Hard Cap: 3,600,000 USD. Total Token Supply: 100,000,000 INJ. Total Tokens Allocated to Binance Launchpad: 9,000,000 INJ (9% of Total Token Supply) Public Sale Token Price: 1 INJ = 0.40 USD (price in BNB will be determined prior to the lottery draw date) Token Sale Format. DeFi Project Spotlight: Injective Protocol, a Derivatives DEX Injective Protocol and Cosmos. The Cosmos SDK is an open-source framework that lets developers spin up high-functioning... Injective Protocol and 0x Protocol. The second key component of Injective is its order book design..


Injective Protocol (INJ) The current Injective Protocol price is $8.56 with a 24-hour trading volume of $26.53M. INJ price is down -8.37% in the last 24 hours. Injective Protocol all-time high is $24.89 This ATH was reached on Apr 30, 2021.Injective Protocol price needs to rise 190.77% to reach a new all-time-high.It has a circulating supply of 28.89M INJ with a total supply of 100.00M INJ Get Injective Protocol(inj) kurs , chart , marktkapitalisierung und andere krypto-währungsinformationen über Injective Protocol. Öffnen Sie diese Seite, um detaillierte Informationen zu erhalten über Injective Protocol(inj Injective Protocol is the first layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol designed to unlock the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. The protocol promotes full decentralized trading without restrictions, ensuring that users trade on any of their preferred derivative markets. Injective boasts a prominent group of stakeholders, including two of the most widely accepted. The Injective Protocol is getting listed on WazirX, One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India, on Monday, November 23, 2020. A Giveaway has been planned for its promotion. It is a part of the WazirX rapid listing initiative. Although deposits and withdrawals are not available yet, that is going to start soon. Till then you can still enjoy trading the INJ. The injective protocol is.

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Injective Protocol (INJ) is a cryptocurrency token generated on the Ethereum blockchain.. The max. supply of Injective Protocol that will ever be issued is 100.00 Millions tokens, and the current supply of INJ in circulation is 28.89 Millions tokens. Current Injective Protocol price is $ 7.35 moved down to -14.2 % for the last 24 hours.. All time high (ATH) price of Injective Protocol reached. Injective Protocol current market price is $9.82269132 with a marketcap of $236.29M. The total available supply of Injective Protocol is $24.06M INJ and secured Rank 138 in the cryptocurrency market. INJ price is 52.07% up in last 24 hours Injective Protocol, a decentralized derivatives exchange protocol incubated by Binance Labs, has raised $2.6 million in seed funding There are currently 22 Injective Protocol exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Injective Protocol (INJ) with a total 24-hour volume of $ 43.30M. You can buy Injective Protocol with USD and KRW fiat currencies. Injective Protocol can be exchanged with 6 cryptocurrencies. You can also buy Injective Protocol with Tether and Binance USD stablecoins 04/20/2021. Decentralized derivatives exchange Injective Protocol, today announced that it has closed a funding round of $10 million, valuing the network over $1 billion. Injective enables instant transaction finality and allows its users to trade with zero fees. Led by a team of Stanford and Harvard graduates, Injective streamlines fully.

Injective Launches the World's First Decentralized Stock

Injective Protocol Catapults to Over $1 Billion Valuation after Latest Growth Funding Round to Create a Robinhood for DeFi. Place/Date: Palo Alto, CA - April 20th, 2021 at 8:56 pm UTC · 3 min. Injective Protocol [INJ] is a token without its own blockchain. The most actual price for one Injective Protocol [INJ] is $9.70. Injective Protocol is listed on 3 exchanges with a sum of 7 active markets. The 24h volume of [INJ] is $9 307 295, while the Injective Protocol market cap is $267 054 705 which ranks it as #155 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about Injective.

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Injective Protocol; Important: IEO on Binance Launchpad. Injective Protocol (DEX) Injective is the first front-running resistant, layer-2 exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of borderless finance by supporting margin trading, derivatives, and futures. Token Sale ended. 20 October 2020 . $3,600,000 OF $3,600,000 (100%) WEBSITE. WHITEPAPER. social links. Market & Returns. INJ token. Injective Protocol USD (Historical Data) 7d 14d 30d 60d 90d YTD 1Y to. Date Market Cap Volume Open Close; Overview. General About Coin Social Developer. Price Market Cap Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap 24h Low / 24h High Market Cap Rank All-Time High All-Time Low Genesis Date Technical Analysis for INJUSD by TradingView. REDDIT SUBSCRIBERS. AVERAGE ACCOUNTS ACTIVE. Injective Protocol is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade on any derivative market of their own choosing without paying gas fees (using Layer-2 technology). Using Injective Protocol, individuals can trade on any market they choose, including futures, perpetual swaps and spot trading. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is Injective Protocol's biggest investor, and Injective was.

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