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The Micro:Bot kit is the extension of that idea Build simple robots quickly that leverage the sensors on the micro:bit and adding periferal sensors and actuators that make sense for someone to get started in robotics without spending hours learning how to build and program their robot. Ready, set, go The first video gets you started with one micro:bit, and the second helps you take the next step: gesture controlling your robot unicorn with two micro:bits. Pro tip: there are lots of ways to get the same results using different code, so it's totaslly fine if your code works but doesn't match mine. Getting started with micro:bit Die BBC micro:bit Stiftung wurde mit der Vision gegründet, jedes Kind zu inspirieren, seine Zukunft in der digitalen Welt zu gestalten. Die Mikro:bit Elemente wurden ausführlich erforscht, um sie so einfach und effizient wie möglich in den digitalen und kreativen Pädagogik-Bereich einzubinden. Es gibt 35 Produkte Step 23: Construct the Robot Upload the hex file to the Microbit. Put the Microbit and speaker inside the enclosure. Connect the Microbit with the batteries. Tidy up all the wires and... Close the enclosure with screws. (We need 5 small screws). Attach the hands with servos

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Keyestudio Micro:bit Mini Smart Turtle Robot Car for STEM MicroBit Robot. $40.00 $50.00. Add to Wishlist. (24) Quick View. Sale. KEYESTUDIO Micro:bit Mini Smart Robot Car V2.0 (No Micro:bit Main Board) $35.00 $45.00. Add to Wishlist micro:bit is a small but solid and powerful prototyping board designed by no other than BBC (the English broadcaster), that can be easily programmed from a personal computer; besides the microcontroller which represents its core, it has onboard sensors such as accelerometer, compass and a small display composed of a 5 x 5 LED matrix The microbit_robot Source Code. The Robot class provides both robot control and an interface to the outside world using the micro:bit radio. Let's take a look at this class in a little more detail. The __init__ method first creates an instance of the KMotor library class. It then displays a HAPPY image on the micro:bit display to let us know that the robot is alive Yahboom micro:bit smart robot car bitbot with IR and APP for Micro:bit V2/V1.5. 13 reviews. micro:bit. $52.99. Availability: In Stock. Select options. Quick View. Yahboom programmable Spider:bit based on Micro:bit V2 compatible with LEGO. 5 reviews

The Micro:bit board is getting popular beetween makers because you can build advanced robots like Lobot Micro:bit self balancing robot with only few hassle and a lot of fun ! Playing with Lobot Micro is fun : you can play football, control it using the app, add sensors, recognize obstables, carry objects and much more Building a micro:bit robot is an exciting way to learn how to code, and it's easier than you might think. It's one of our favourite micro:bit projects to make! Despite its small size, the micro:bit is the perfect 'brain' for a robot project as it's simple, low-power, light and small. We stock some great micro:bit robot Use a second BBC micro:bit to control the BBC micro:bit Bit:Bot robot remotely, with ultrasonic distance sensing & line following functionality. Find out mor... Find out mor.. Your first robot in about five minutes. GiggleBot makes it easy to mess around with micro:bit robots. The micro:bit is a tiny computer for learning digital skills and computational thinking. Connect the micro:bit to your GiggleBot to create a playful little robot So in place of the L298, the Microbit version of the robot uses a ULN2803A 8-channel Darlington transistor array as a motor driver. This can be used to drive a speaker, lights, and other devices as well, as the Microbit has five (5) general purpose I/O lines on pins 0,1,2,8, and 16. Pin 0 can be used for audio output

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  1. Coding the Robot's micro:Bit (receiver) We're going to use one micro:Bit as our receiver to translate the driving commands from the transmitter into motor movements. You may just download the receiver/control code link below. A picture file of the program with comments is also available if you'd like to enter it yourself. botreceiver.he
  2. Welcome to another robot video! In this video, we are going to build a robot using a robot kit for the MicroBit board. This is by far the easiest and most fu..
  3. How about using the popular micro:bit to make a Otto robot? this is how this robot came to life combining to great platforms and adding more articulations to create a new member of the Otto family. This a remix of the original Otto robot with the idea of using a micro:bit board instead of Arduino, it has 8 servos to control each joint including arms, LED mouth and Neopixel eyes
  4. This robot is easy to put together and you can program it using the MakeCode block based coding platform so that even the little ones can make robot friends. For this build we will be connecting two motors so that the robot can move, a sonar sensor so that the robot can see, and a speaker so that your robot can make noises
  5. A Blocks / JavaScript code editor for the micro:bit powered by Microsoft MakeCode
  6. g interface that is very similar to Scratch, you will need to download the Yahboom blocks by selecting Extensions from the.

microbit TPbot Smart Car for Kids BBC micro:bit DIY Programmable Robot Car for STEM Education Project. Personalize appearances,foster creativity. A gadget that stimulates the imagination of children must necessarily be versatile. That's why TPBot Smart micro:bit Car comes with lock-joints on both sides of the body and bumps on the top that allow you or your children to create any. Möglicherweise müssen Sie jedoch schnell handeln, da dieser Top microbit robot in kürzester Zeit zu einem der gefragtesten Bestseller wird. Denken Sie darüber nach, wie eifersüchtig Sie sind, wenn Sie ihnen sagen, dass Sie Ihre microbit robot auf Aliexpress haben. Mit den niedrigsten Online-Preisen, günstigen Versandpreisen und lokalen Sammeloptionen können Sie noch größere. Die wichtigste Komponente des Buggy-Roboters ist der micro:bit. Dieser übernimmt die Funktion eines Gehirns, das auf Grund der Sensordaten, z.B. Hell-Dunkel-Werte von Lichtsensoren, Aktoren (Motoren, Display) betätigt. Das folgende Blockbild für eine automatisierte Maschine ist darum sehr allgemein gültig und du erkennst diese Komponenten leicht bei deinem Buggy-Roboter. Da der micro:bit. We are going to build a walking robot with the micro:bit. We can learn coding from it and also it could be our good partners. Let's see how it works with the below video: We can learn coding from it and also it could be our good partners

UCL's Micro:bit Robotics¶. This project is designed to give students an introduction to robotics with a robot inspired by the natural world. There's no need to know how to code before diving in but we can assure you that once you have tried it, you won't want to stop Mit ein wenig Bastelarbeit kannst du den micro:bit sogar zu einem fahrenden Roboter ausbauen. Die Programmentwicklung mit Python ist einfach und wird dir sicher Spass machen. Wir gehen davon aus, dass du die grundlegenden Programmstrukturen bereits kennst und dass du mit der TigerJython-Entwicklungsumgebung umgehen kannst. O Den ganzen Lehrgang kannst du auch als PDF herunterladen (Download. Der micro:bit ist ein kleiner Einplatinencomputer, der vom britischen Medienhaus BBC im Jahr 2015 vorgestellt wurde. Er verfügt über eine LED-Matrix und 2 Knöpfe, die beliebig programmiert werden können. Auch mehrere Pins (externe Anschlüsse), ein Kompass, sowie je ein Licht-, Temperatur- und Beschleunigungssensor sind in dem kleinen Einplatinencomputer verbaut und können bei der.

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Robotik, Elektronik, Arduino und mehr. Veröffentlicht am 24. Oktober 2016 9. Dezember 2017 von Peter. Der BBC micro:bit - Teil 1: erste Eindrücke. Der micro:bit ist ein Mikrocontroller Projekt für Schulen, entwickelt unter der Federführung der BBC. Nachdem 1 Million davon kostenlos an britische Schüler verteilt wurden, gibt es den Mikrocontroller seit einigen Wochen auch für normale. Hello, my name is Maqueen, is a graphical programming robot for STEM education, which inherits playability and simple operation of micro:bit. The Mini-body, interesting features and plug-and-play allow children to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing children's interest in science and logical thinking. Suggest Age: 8 +

Adventures with micro:bit robotics Friday, 24 March 2017. Variable speed motors and radio control. This is a quick project I came up with to use the first DAVE robot I made, which was gathering dust and feeling a bit unloved. I wanted to demonstrate two things: variable speed motor control and radio communication between two micro:bits. Remember, my first DAVE does not use the micro:bit motor. Möchten Sie micro:bit/Cutebot für 8 Wochen kostenlos und unverbindlich testen? Schreiben Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail an: mail@educentral.de Wir liefern die neue Version micro:bit V2 aus! Neue Unterrichtsmaterialien hierzu auch im Lieferumfang Mit micro:bit/Cutebot (von Microsoft mitentwickelt) bieten wir einen preiswerten und qualitativ hochwertigen Roboter mit hervorragendem Preis-Leistungs. Dieser Roboter hat es wortwörtlich in sich. Proxis Computergehirn besteht aus einem sogenannten BBC micro:bit, der Microcontroller, mehrere Sensoren, eine LED-Anzeige und verschiedene Schnittstellen auf einer kompakten Platine vereint. Diese programmieren Kinder mit einer intuitiven, grafischen Programmiersprache selbständig. Die umfangreiche. Der Proxi micro:bit Programmier-Roboter ist ideal um Ihre Schüler ab 10 Jahren von Anfang an mit der Robotik und den vielen verschiedenen programmatischen Möglichkeiten vertraut zu machen. Das Set weckt spielerisch das Interesse Ihrer Schüler und hilft mit Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen zu schnellen Erfolgserlebnissen. Lassen Sie die jungen Programmierer mit der Konstruktion des Roboters.

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Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. Thingiverse is a universe of things Minibit Robot for the BBC Micro:Bit Easy, simple and ready-to-go robot for your BBC micro:bit NB. BBC Micro:Bit is NOT included. Please purchase HERE if required The Minibit is the younger sibling of the popular and well-loved Bit:Bot. It comes ready-built (wheels need pushing on). A Makecode extension is available - Yahboom 9 in 1 building:bit block kit based on micro:bit V1.5/V2 board. 14 reviews. micro:bit. $89.99. Availability: In Stock. Select options. Quick View. Yahboom programmable Spider:bit based on Micro:bit V2 compatible with LEGO. 5 reviews Keyestudio Micro:bit Mini Smart Turtle Robot Car for STEM MicroBit Robot. FOR NEW USERS. $2.00. Create an account and start your journey as a maker! Register Now. X. Currency: USD USD EUR GBP CAD CNY SAR SGD NZD ARS INR COP AED. English German Russian French Spanish Japanese Italian Portuguese. Select Your Language Language. English German Russian French Spanish Japanese Italian Portuguese. Equip your micro:bit with this 4-DOF metal robot arm, and get started to explore the world of artificial intelligent robotic. This starter robotic arm kit includes: servo driver board, metal mechanical arm structure, and 4x metal gear servos. When used with the micro:bit, it is easy to control the arm by smart phone through Bluetooth connection. The Servo Driver. Adopts Servo Driver for micro.

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  1. Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Matt Hirsch's board Microbit on Pinterest. See more ideas about coding, micro, robot kits
  2. Microbit-Smart-Car. Introduction. Yahboom micro:bit smart robot is developed with the most popular Micro:bit board as the core controller. Using Micro:bit dot matrix screen as the body, the entire vehicle adopts elaborate metal motor, high-quality battery and firm bracket to create a compact and beautiful appearance
  3. MicroBit Robot Heads. Posted on April 13, 2019 April 13, 2019 by mattmoore1987 in Uncategorized. For the last 2 weeks I've been running a little Microbit project with my year 5 kids. It's the first time they've used the Microbit and they've been really enjoying it, so I thought I'd give this project a little share! I sent out a few tweets too which were pretty popular, thought a full.

Hey boy, where are you going?! #microbit #robotcar #programming. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. micro:bit robot car. Rmigo. June 27, 2019 · Hey boy, where are you going?! # microbit # robotcar # programming. Related Videos. 0:13. ice dog. Rmigo. 1.2K views · June 4, 2019. 0. Lesson 9 - Line Following Robot. Tutorial - Objective - As part of this tutorial we will learn howto get the Micro:Maqueen robot to track a line.. Setting things up - Let's head over to the BBC MakeCode website (https://makecode.microbit.org) since we will be using the MakeCode block editor to code the Micro:Maqueen.. Before we can write any code and get our robot to do stuff for us. Adafruit CRICKIT for micro:bit Sometimes we wonder if robotics engineers ever watch movies. If they did, they'd know that making robots into slaves always ends up in a robot rebellion. Why even go down that... $29.95 In Stock BBC micro:bit Go Bundle Discontinued - you can grab micro:bit v2 Go Bundle - Batteries and USB Cable Included instead! The British... Out of Stock HC-SR04 Ultrasonic.

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  1. g robot that is ideal for STEM education. The
  2. Step 10 Make the Cardboard Robot Arms. We pulled the paper off of one side of the cardboard to create the arms with exposed corrugation. We like how the corrugation is a nod to metal corrugation - so it looks techie. We added Maker Tape around each side of one of the hands to act as a touch-switch when you give her a high-five
  3. The Microbit Robot workshop will introduce kids to the wondrous microbit through building and coding their very own DIY robot. Kids will be able to take home everything they make, including their very own microbit to continue to use and develop new projects for years to come! Projekte, welche die Welt der Robotik mit Hilfe analogen Materialien und Methoden sowie digitalen Arbeitsweisen.
  4. Yahboom micro:bit smart robot is developed with the most popular Micro:bit board as the core controller. Using Micro:bit dot matrix screen as the body, the entire vehicle adopts elaborate metal motor, high-quality battery and firm bracket to create a compact and beautiful appearance. And it is controlled by Android and iOS mobile App remote controller connecting with Micro:bit onboard. We also.
  5. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für bbc micro:bit robot extension board 4x18650 akku MINT STEM makecode javascript bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel
  6. Absolute beginner's guide to learning coding, electronics & robotics on the Micro:bit via fun projects. Become an expert Bestseller Rating: 4.7 out of 5 4.7 (70 ratings) 3,436 students Created by Saral Tayal. Last updated 1/2019 English English [Auto] Add to cart. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Share . What you'll learn. Create advanced robotics and electronics projects using learnt hardware.

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  1. Lobot 4 in 1 Micro:bit is the perfect example of a reusable robot kit that use your creativity: Similar to the Xiaomi MITU KIT you can rebuilt and swap components and sensor in different configuration, also can be programmed using the Micro:bit board. - DIY design, freely to assemble it and help to develop logic thinking and operating ability
  2. 3. Programmierbarer Roboter BitBot XL. Der kostengünstige BitBot XL im Set verwandelt Ihre micro:bit Platine in einen zuverlässigen, mobilen Roboter. Er eignet sich ideal für den Einstieg in die Robotik und ermöglicht den Anschluss eines Ultraschallsensors, der für volle Autonomie sorgt, oder eines programmierbaren Greifers
  3. Input and outputs. This morning we saw how the micro:bit comes equipped with integrated sensors and actuators. For mobile robotics, those are not enough, so this afternoon you'll see how it is possible to add sensors and actuators to the micro:bit to go towards our goal of building an autonomous mobile robot
  4. The Motor:bit STEM education robot is a DIY (Do It Yourself) robot based on the highly popular BBC micro:bit. The Motor:bit STEM education robot is designed to get kids introduced to the world of coding, electronics and robotics. The Motor:bit STEM education robot is recommended for kids 12+ years and older. The Motor:bit STEM education robot is designed from ground up to be an easy to easy to.
  5. Robotic Inventions for micro:bit - 10 Pack. A classroom set of 10 robotics boards to make it even easier to attach and program servo motors with the micro:bit! You can also control two RGB-pixel lights to create a full light spectrum for a show. This board comes with a removable Strawbees building clip to snap connectors and straws for making.

Robotic Inventions for micro:bit. This kit is to snap the micro:bit with physical Strawbees buildings and programming mechanical structures with servo motors. A way to create physical interaction with your next project! As an add-on kit, this requires the purchase of another Strawbees product for building with building pipes and connectors microbit robot STL Files for 3D Printers STLBase is a Search Engine for 3D printable Models and STL Files. Click on images to download microbit robot STL files for your 3D Printer

Erweiterungen für den micro:bit; Bluetooth Anbindung; Robotik Anwendungen; Kategorien ARM, Mikrocontroller, Tutorial, Tutorials Schlagwörter microbit, microsoft, pxt. 4 Antworten auf Der BBC micro:bit - Teil 3: Programmieren mit Microsoft PXT Knee Ger sagt: 26. April 2019 um 08:24 Uhr 2+2=4-1 thats 3 quick maths. Antworten. sdgsdgsdg sagt: 26. April 2019 um 08:22 Uhr sdgsdfgsdfgsdg. Der BBC micro:bit ist ein handlicher, programmierbarer Einplatinencomputer mit dem verschiedenste Projekte verwirklicht werden können. So können Sie mit Hilfe von verschiedenen Modulen und Sensoren Roboter, Wetterstation, Musikinstrumente und vieles Mehr bauen und programmieren - der Fantasie sind dabei keine Grenzen gesetzt Dein micro:bit Programmier-Roboter. Experimentierkasten. Wunschzettel. Likes 515. Teilen. 119,99 € inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand: Jetzt bestellen Ein Roboter der zum Beispiel Schere, Stein, Papier spielt, rechnen kann, zum Kompass oder digitalen Würfel wird, die Temperatur misst, per App ferngesteuert werden kann - das ist Proxi. Sein leistungsstarkes Einplatinen-Computergehirn - der. Dein micro:bit Programmier-Roboter Ein Roboter der zum Beispiel Schere, Stein, Papier spielt, rechnen kann, zum Kompass oder digitalen Würfel wird, die Temperatur misst, per App ferngesteuert werden kann - das ist Proxi. Sein leistungsstarkes Einplatinen-Computergehirn - der BBC micro:bit - macht es möglich. Zahlreiche Coding-Projekte warten, bei denen Kinder von 10 bis 16. Coding at: makecode.microbit.org microbit.org From dancing robots to banana keyboards, your micro:bit has all the features you need to code awesome stuff - the possibilities are endless! Overview Your micro:bit has the following physical features: 25 individually-programmable LEDs 2 programmable buttons Physical connection pins Light and temperature sensors Motion sensors (accelerometer and.

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Microbot: Hiwonder micro:bit Programmable Robot Kit for Beginner Coding and Learning. No reviews. micro:bit. Provide electronics studying and micro:bit programming. micro:bit graphical program, Block Editor/JavaScript language. Small body with mighty functions. Less assembly process,designed for beginner learning. $39.99 The Open Roberta Lab is a cloud-based integrated programming environment that enables children and adolescents to program easily different robot/microcontroller systems. This platform is completely open source so taking part is desirable! Both the software and the open source developer tools are available via Fraunhofer servers Das Joy-Car ist ein autonomer Roboter auf micro:bit-Basis und bietet ein modular aufgebautes Robotik-Lernkit. Mit Hilfe der detaillierten und umfangreichen Anleitung werden alle Baugruppen und deren Funktionen als ganze Maschine, sowie Details zur Programmierung und den Codes, erklärt. Sensoren wie Line-Tracking-, Ultraschall-, Infrarot- und Raddrehzahlsensoren ermöglichen Funktionen wie das.

KS0426 Micro:bit Mini Smart Robot Car V2. keyestudio 03/19/2019. 03/16/2021 Hummingbird Robotics Kit - BirdBrain Technologies. 1:53. The Hummingbird Robotics Kit is an easy-to-use, creative robotics tool which allows students to design, build, and program a personally meaningful robot out of any materials, with any device, in multiple programming languages. Starting at $119. Purchase Get Started As one of the more unique products which we have looked at, the Microbit Robotic WiFi Camera with Electric Control from Digitspace proves to be an innovative product which not only serves as something educational but also something useful around your house or workplace. Utilising two servo motors which control the horizontal and vertical movement of this camera through the Yahboom Robot. ElecFreaks micro:bit Smart Home Kit Macht das Leben mit intelligenten Sensoren praktischer Sensoren: Temperatur, Schall, Absturz, Feuchtigkeit, Licht usw. Enthält ein Relais, einen Gleichstrommotor, einen 180°-Servo usw. Sie können Fensterbänke, Garderoben und Aquarium bauen Enthält die BBC micro:bit Programmierbares Boar Adventures with micro:bit robotics Monday, 22 August 2016. The clap detector circuit. My DAVE robots have a breadboard attached to the top deck by velcro tape. Electronic circuits for sensors are built on this breadboard and these give the robot its sense of the world around it. The circuit below is a sound sensor that reacts to loud noises like a handclap by producing an electronic pulse. An.

Mit der Kitronik Compact Robotik-Platine Das BBC Micro:bit kann zum Antrieb von 4 Motoren (oder 2 Schrittmotoren) und 8 Servos verwendet werden. In Verbindung mit 17 weiteren E/A-Erweiterungspunkten Das bedeutet, dass der Mikro-Bit der BBC sehr einfach zum Kern einer Vielzahl von Robotik-Projekten werden kann. Die Platine ist klein auf dem Platz, aber groß in Bezug auf Funktionen und. Entdeckerspielzeug Kosmos Proxi Dein micro:bit Programmier-Roboter. Preis ab 138,95 Euro (27.05.2021). Jetzt kaufen micro:bit Board - Der micro:bit ist ein Einplatinencomputer, der ursprünglich für schulische Zwecke entwickelt wurde. Der Minirechner mit einer Größe von 4 x 5 cm richtet sich an Anfänger wie auch a

A-Z Robotics: Learn coding & electronics on MicroBit through fun projects Absolute beginner's guide to learning coding, electronics and robotics on the microbit with many fun projects to turn you into an expert Watch Prom MICRO:BIT ROBOT. Published 2020-09-18T09:34:58+00:00. 3D. base-robot. cabeza-v2. tapa. 441 views 50 downloads . 1 collection Community Prints Add your picture. Be the first to share a picture of this printed object. After the tool package is downloaded and unzipped, a file named KS0426 Microbit Mini Smart Robot Car V2 will be generated. It can be placed everywhere. Import Code. We provide every program with hex file. You could import it directly or program in Makecode blocks area, therefore, the extension library must be added.(How to add extension?) Next, we will takeheartbeatas example to. micro:bot Kit. $ 29.99 $ 25.99. The Microbot is an add-on kit for the microbit that teaches kids to build and code three different robots. This kit does not include the BBC Micro:bit. If you require a BBC Micro:bit along with this kit, you can purchase the Micro:bot Pack which includes the BBC Micro:bit by clicking here

This guide will help you build a small robotics platform with a lot of potential. The MakeCode programming interface makes it easy for even little ones to make their new robot friend move around with them. The micro:bit also allows for more advanced coding in JavaScript. Using the Crickit gives us plenty of room to add servos, sensors and so much more as your teach this robot new things Die micro:bit Platine zählt weltweit eine Vielzahl von Fans. Die von der BBC entwickelte micro:bit Platine bietet jedem Schüler die Möglichkeit, problemlos die Grundlagen der Programmierung zu erlernen und seiner Kreativität freien Lauf zu lassen - deshalb reicht ihr Erfolg schon heute weit über englische Schulen hinaus

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Microbit Robot Car- Build. The following describes a version of the robotic vehicle made using a BBC MicroBit in place of an Arduino. A homemade cut-out piece of Coroplast or cardboard is used in place of the stock plexiglas plate that comes with the Emgreat robot chassis kit. This is done because the Emgreat chassis is about an inch too narrow. Du besitzt keinen Roboter oder Mikrocontroller? Das ist kein Problem. In der Open Roberta SIM kannst du deine NEPO-Programme direkt im Internetbrowser testen. Die SIM ist für EV3 und NXT von LEGO MINDSTORMS verfügbar oder für die Mini-Computer BBC:Microbit und Calliope mini. Wähle einfach im Lab dein Wunschsystem aus und klicke rechts auf SIM

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Humbot mi:sumo microbit robot Published 2018-12-03T20:57:01+00:00. 3D. humbotmisumo-battery-cli. humbotmisumo-battery-hol. humbotmisumo-board-holde. humbotmisumo-bumper. humbotmisumo-side-left. humbotmisumo-side-right. 7,103 views 196 downloads . 3 collections. Yahboom micro:bit smart robot is developed with the most popular Micro:bit board as the core controller. Using Micro:bit dot matrix screen as the body, the entire vehicle adopts elaborate metal motor, high-quality battery and firm bracket to create a compact and beautiful appearance. And it is controlled by Android mobile App remote controller connecting with Micro:bit onboard Bluetooth. We. 2018-12-31 - Explore Ung Horace's board microbit robot car on Pinterest Apr 24, 2020 - Explore Tech CCSH's board microbit on Pinterest. See more ideas about arduino, arduino projects, arduino robot The best bits. • Create games on your phone then 'flash' them on to your micro:bit to get playing - no wires or cables needed! • Snap a selfie by connecting your phone or tablet, and use your micro:bit as a remote control. • Never miss your mates again - now you can code your micro:bit to wake up and tell you when you're getting.

RESOURCES | Golden Age ProjectPhotocredits: Karen Ladenheimmicro:bit plant watering - YouTubeMake A Compass Using micro:bitRabbit Toys - Homemade Rabbit Toy 3 - Instructables
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