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Free Unlimited API for Futures Data. Quandl offers free historical futures data for 600 futures contracts from over 15 exchanges. Quandl also provides a single, uniform data API that provides full access to daily futures data and prices from these futures markets. With Quandl's various software libraries, including Python and R, it is easy to find and download historical futures prices Data Organization. Futures contracts all use the Quandl code format EUREX/{CODE}{MONTH}{YEAR}, where: {CODE} is the futures ticker code, as listed given in the CSV files provided below {MONTH} is the single-letter month code {YEAR} is a 4-digit year A list of all available futures, with code, traded months and quandl codes are available in this CSV of EUREX futures Downloading Historical Futures Data From Quandl | QuantStart. Futures contracts are ubiquitous in quantitative trading and have yet to be discussed in any great detail on QuantStart. This will be the first in a series of articles explaining how to download, store, clean and stitch futures data for use in your trading systems

Overview. The Chinese Futures Data data feed offers data on Chinese futures trading on the Shanghai Futures Exchange (XSGE), China Financial Futures Exchange (CCFX), Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (XZCE) and Dalian Commodity Exchange (XDCE).History goes back to September 2004, where available. Delivery: Data is updated at 9:00 a.m. ET on all trading days with the same day's data Continuous contracts for all 600 futures on Quandl. Built on top of raw data from CME, ICE, LIFFE etc. Curated by the Quandl community. 50 years history. Free; CHRIS / EUREX_FDAX1: DAX Futures, Continuous Contract #1 (FDAX1) (Front Month) CHRIS / EUREX_FDAX2: DAX Futures, Continuous Contract #2 (FDAX2) CHRIS / EUREX_FDAX3 : DAX Futures, Continuous Contract #3 (FDAX3) EUREX Futures Data. Index. Understanding Quandl Futures Data. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 11 months ago. Active 5 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 456 times 3. 0 $\begingroup$ I'm interested in learning how to adjust my own futures contracts for analysis. Unfortunately my quantitative classes didn't really go into this, and I would like to learn it on my own. The methods seem fairly straight forward, but I noticed something. So between variations of different strategies, for those who have yet to come across it, my IKTrading package has a function called quandClean, which exists to get and clean daily futures data from quandl.com . The exact process can be found on the Revolution Analytics blog on this post We do allow importing custom data (such as futures like in the QCU example). Quandl data updates will be piped into a live algorithm. If there's a delay on Quandl's end it will delay the live feed update too. 0. Disclaimer The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation to buy, or a recommendation or endorsement.

QuantRocket maintains its own fork of Zipline and thus is unaffected by the shutdown of Quantopian, Zipline's original maintainer. End-of-day and 1-minute historical equities data are included, and you can backtest and trade futures strategies by connecting to an Interactive Brokers account for futures data Quandl - Free daily futures data +more Discussion in Brokers Updated December 4, 2013: Top Posters. looks_one TraderJ with 1 posts (0 thanks) looks_two Nicolas11 with 1 posts (0 thanks) looks_3 Big Mike with 1 posts (0 thanks) looks_4. Quandl premium datasets have a regular update time while there are no guaranteed update times for free datasets and they can usually take anywhere from a few hours to weeks, months or years (depending on the data itself). Quandl's premium data is curated and maintained by professional providers with decades of expertise under their belts. This all adds on the betterment of documentation, correctness, organization, uniqueness and structure of the data. Here we can see the. In order to carry out the download of futures data I've made use of the Quandl plugin. Make sure to set the correct Python virtual environment on your system and install the Quandl package by typing the following into the terminal: pip install Quandl

It appears the headers on the incoming data (cme futures) don't correspond to the accepted column names used in the source code (wiki stock data works fine). For example, the provided example getting YHOO data under WIKI. req: https://www.quandl.com/api/v3/datasets/WIKI/YHOO.csv resp: headers in csv Date | Open | High | Low | Close | Volume |. Some data in Quandl is paid for but there is also a vast amount of data that is free. Who are Quandl? Founded in 2013, Quandl has become a respected data provider. They now boast over 250,000 users from individuals to large hedge funds and investment banks. Quandl provides a wide ranging dataset across two main categories: Core Financial Data: coverage of securities and market data across all asset classe You can even access continuous futures data from Quandl, as shown below: Caveats. Quandl offers a lot for free but also has paid premium services, the most premium data do have sample data you can use for free. Check this for all data available and whether it is free or paid premium. Other Freebie

Thanks to Quandl, however, there is some freely available futures data. The link can be found here. The way Quandl structures its futures is that it uses two separate time series: the first is the front month, which is the contract nearest expiry, and the second is the back month, which is the next contract Note that data on Quandl comes in two formats: time-series and tables. You can learn more about these formats here . When using a data feed in time-series format, you can download all the time-series codes and their corresponding metadata by appending /metadata to your API call Quandl's data products come in many forms and contain various objects, including time-series and tables. Through our APIs and various tools (R, Python, Excel, etc.), users can access/call the premium data to which they have subscribed. (Our free data can be accessed by anyone who has registered for an API key. Why GitHub? Features →. Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Securit December 4, 2018, Nasdaq Acquires Quandl Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) announced today it has acquired Quandl, Inc., a leading provider of alternative and core financial data. Quandl from over 350 sources to more than 30,000 active monthly users

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Quandl currently has over millions of time-series datasets. Most of the data is in the domains of markets, finance, economics, demography, sociology, energy and the environment. 1000s of new datasets are added to Quandl daily. Price data for futures, stocks, interest rates, currencies, commodities and more ### Futures demonstration algorithm. ### QuantConnect allows importing generic data sources! This example demonstrates importing a futures ### data from the popular open data source Quandl. QuantConnect has a special deal with Quandl giving you access ### to Stevens Continuous Futurs (SCF) for free. If you'd like to download SCF for local. Tables data feeds, such as Core US Fundamentals ( SF1) or Continuous Futures , contain one or more tables which have their own Quandl codes. For example: Core US Fundamentals is a collection of tables and the Quandl code for each individual table is shown on the Core US Fundamentals product page here Quandl's FX data includes foreign exchange volume and flow by currency and participant type, swap and forward volume, rates and much more. Here are the most popular (and most essential) foreign exchange datasets on Quandl. FX Alternative Data Bundle Quandl's most powerful FX data comes from the world's largest multi-currency cash settlement system, settling more than 50% of FX transactions globally. Prior to their foundation, FX transaction data was widely dispersed and hard to.

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Moderator: Abraham Thomas, Chief Data Officer, Quandl. 3:00 pm. Space is Hard: unmet expectations and where imagery fits in research. Read more ↓ P Street Advisors is undertaking highly specific, bespoke alternative data research on behalf of its buyside clients. Through these engagements they've learned that the buyside's expectations of remotely-sensed data have been largely unmet. Ed. Granted, I cannot vouch that this data will be perfect (probably a long way from it, considering that quandl isn't the greatest source of it), but it *is* free, so for anyone who wishes to do any backtesting on futures data, well, here you go. Also, I may edit which exact instruments I use in the future if there are continuing data issues Continuous contracts for all 600 futures on Quandl. Built on top of raw data from CME, ICE, LIFFE etc. Curated by the Quandl community. 50 years history. Free; CHRIS / CME_GI1: S&P-GSCI Commodity Index Future, Continuous Contract #1 (GI1) (Front Month) CHRIS / CME_GI2: S&P-GSCI Commodity Index Future, Continuous Contract #2 (GI2) CHRIS / EUREX_FCCO1: Bloomberg Commodity Futures, Continuous. Using Quandl for more data. In this machine learning tutorial, we're going to discuss using Quandl for acquiring better data. Up to this point, we've been taking the current stock's performance and comparing it to its current key statistics. The problem here is that, while we can perform machine learning on this, we cannot actually invest based on our findings. Instead, we need to pull the key.

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  1. Therefore, I am wondering if someone has hints how to source historic futures data from Quandl (since it should work according to the book) and/or which alternative data sources for historic futures data exist and are recommendable. Thanks a lot in advance. futures market-data backtesting data-source quandl. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Apr 4 at 19:32. Tobson Tobson. 21 1 1.
  2. Data from Quandl failing -- NASDAQ takeover. For example, when retrieving the Dec 2019 Eurodollar futures contact: >>> tmp = fe.get ( 'CME/EDZ2019' ) ValueError: INVALID symbol string or code variable. Projects fecon235 and fecon236 have many data dependencies on the Quandl API, including but limited to, futures quotes
  3. In regards to futures data, I don't think the quantopian-quandl bundle contains futures data so there would need to be some way to bundle futures data that can be ingested for a futures algorithm. freddiev4 unassigned jfkirk May 4, 2017. mayurbakhai mentioned this issue May 8, 2017..

Continuous contracts for all 600 futures on Quandl. Built on top of raw data from CME, ICE, LIFFE etc. Curated by the Quandl community. 50 years history. Dataset: CME_CL1. Historical futures prices of Crude Oil Futures, Continuous Contract #1. Non-adjusted price based on spot-month continuous contract calculations. Raw data from CME. SEC. Official filings are freely available from the U. Thank you very much errata, my bad. I should have read your message properly. With pandas_datareader using yahoo, it would have been stk.replace(., -).I'm using quandl because I need the adjusted closing prices, and pandas_datareader with google only gives the closing prices, which is less accurate because adjusted closing prices take into account all transaction costs, dividends, etc. Download Historical Futures Data. We will download historical future data from CME exchange, of WTI Crude Oil which have the CL code and with a depth of 1 as the rollover is performed with the front contract. This future series uses the last trading day of the front contract as the roll date rule. # Ensure that you have loaded the Quandl. Quandl; Interactive Brokers (Supplemental) The discussion is not limited to daily stock market data but also commodity futures, foreign exchange, and intraday. Also, this is about historical data. Quandl.com is a portal of different kinds of financial data, and a subset of these data is provided for free.Using Quandl.com's standard interface can be a great help if it is used wisely.. Step 1: / registration. Data is available for registered users only, so as the 1st step you have to register, or log in to Quandl.com. Registration is free, you only have to pay in case of using.

1. using the structure and bundle of the futures data and meta from: Is there a piece of code that can download all the contracts for a given root symbol from Quandl automatically? Thanks for your support. Best Regards, Vincent Reply all Reply to author Forward 0 new messages Search. Clear search. Close search. Google apps. Main menu. Quandl - Quandl has long offered stock market and fundamental equities data. Quandl's move to premium (curated) data sets responds to concerns about data over-proliferation and quality control. In addition, Quandl has begun to offer premium commodities data, including robust and verbose methodologies for querying continuous futures data. Damodoran Online - Aswath Damodoran hosts valuable.

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Overall, Quandl has a lot of strength and disadvantage. The aim behind this article was to propose you to discover an API which you will be able to use in the future. I am teaching data science to my son sometimes, and I like using Quandl because you can get a clean and official dataset in one line of code Futures. Macroeconomic Indicators Topic Nodes offer a way for users to explore particular areas of knowledge, while also becoming familiar with Quandl's breadth of data and sources. Abschließend möchte ich die Hoffnung äußern, dass sich die Qualität der Beiträge jetzt schlagartig verbessert, einfach weil niemand mehr über das Fehlen von Daten klagen kann. Ich bin gespannt, wer sich. Futures OI and Net positions. xbj May 24. This is an indicator that gets data from Quandl and presents weekly CFTC futures data (www.cftc.gov). In this indicator, Open Interest (OI) and net noncommercial positions are presented. Net_noncommercial positions are calculated as noncommercial_long - noncommercial_short. 71 I'm in the US (well, Texas technically). I put in exactly the same URL as above and it says the page no longer exists. The support email from Quandl says that the CME data is deprecated and no longer available, so not sure how that came through to you but the future of it appears fairly certain We have various data feeds covering futures data for contracts trading on the CME. See here

Morningstar provides data on approximately 525,000 investment offerings, including stocks, mutual funds, and similar vehicles, along with real-time global market data on nearly 18 million equities, indexes, futures, options, commodities, and precious metals, in addition to foreign exchange and Treasury markets. Morningstar also offers investment management services through its investment. This is great news but before performing any backtest using Quandl data, I want to compare it with a trusted source: Bloomberg for the purpose of this post. I will focus only on daily Futures data here (front month contract). In the table below, the first few columns are self explanatory, the last two columns are: Intersec. the number of common dates between Quandl and Bloomberg as of November. Quandl delivers financial, economic and alternative data to over 400,000 people worldwide. Luckily for us, they also provide some free sample data that we can use for our purposes

Contract by contract deep history for all futures markets is also housed there, again, albeit daily. Top. MAtricks. Posts: 789 Joined: 09 Apr 2012 Has thanked: 286 times Been thanked: 280 times. Re: Quandl data support in MultiCharts. Post by MAtricks » 24 Jun 2014 . They don't have minute data either. Only Daily data is available. I'm not trying to hinder things here, just curious if I'm. Tick Data's historical intraday Futures data includes: Over 280 global futures contracts - See List of Available Futures; Tick-by-tick Level I Quotes (bid & ask prices with size) Tick-by-tick Trades (last executed trade price and volume) Time stamped to the millisecond since July 2011; Front-month and back-month data; Order data for all symbols or specific symbols and dates; Data delivered. Evaluating Quandl Data Quality. Quandl has indexed millions of time-series datasets from over 400 sources. All of Quandl's datasets are open and free. This is great news but before performing any backtest using Quandl data, I want to compare it with a trusted source: Bloomberg for the purpose of this post. I will focus only on daily Futures. NinjaTrader Live Data: Yes. Get Your Data: Get A Free Data Connection for Futures. You can get futures data from CQG that will get you live data (not delayed data) for a period of 2 weeks. We have noticed that sometimes it can take up to an hour before the account information will be delivered to your email. However, in more recent times we've.

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Futures OI and Net positions. xbj May 24. This is an indicator that gets data from Quandl and presents weekly CFTC futures data (www.cftc.gov). In this indicator, Open Interest (OI) and net noncommercial positions are presented. Net_noncommercial positions are calculated as noncommercial_long - noncommercial_short. 63 Quandl is a data library with all sorts of useful macroeconomic data. Unfortunately a lot of it you have to pay for, but there are also many data series you can access for free, including the Blockchain library with lots of useful data such as Bitcoin transaction fees. To access Quandl data, go to quandl.com. In the left-hand column, check the Free box to ensure your search results include. Retrieve historical data for the CHRIS/ASX_WM2 security from March 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018. This security provides historical future prices for Eastern Australian Wheat Futures, Continuous Contract #2 Update to my previous Herrick Payoff Index script. This script pulls Quandl futures data with daily open interest. The prior version only used the weekly Commitment of Traders open interest data so could only be used on weekly bars. Note: Must use Quandl Symbol methodology in chart (i.e. enter symbol as QUANDL:CHRIS/CME_FC2, QUANDL:CME/FCX2016, ect.)

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In previous posts, we already looked at live data feeds for Matlab, and Excel. Then, we looked at how to load historical data. Now, we want to focus on where to get the data itself. Previous posts. Get real-time feed of live data into Excel; Get free historical data into Excel, Matlab or Java; Quandl: A Wikipedia for numerical Data Sites with. This is an indicator that gets data from Quandl and presents weekly CFTC futures data (www.cftc.gov). In this indicator, the noncommercial long/short positions are calculated as a percentage of overall Open Interest. This indicates the bullish/bearish sentiment of the market. 137. 0. Weiss Wave Open Interest Bars. Noldo. Firstly : LazyBear ' s Weiss Wave codes are used for open interests.

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Quandl. This example shows how to retrieve historical data with an applied calculation from Quandl ®. Also, the example limits and sorts the rows in the returned data. The example assumes that you have obtained an API key from Quandl. Create a Quandl connection using a Quandl API key. apikey = 'abcdef12345' ; c = quandl (apikey); Adjust the. Historical data including volumes, closing prices and EOI for LME Cash Settled Futures contacts. Cookie Policy. We use cookies for statistical and measurement purposes, to help improve our website and provide you with a better online experience. By clicking I accept you agree to such purposes Quandl is a large data community where anyone can upload their data. Consequently, the data exists in a multitude of formats. The data is so far from being uniform that groups of related instruments (let's say futures) might have different field sets! The data for the same instrument can be paid and free. Free data can have defects (omissions, missing components for a data range etc.) This. Shows the number of future contracts or the size of equity quotes that are displayed at each of the available prices. Also known as the level II order book, depth of market. Trade+Quote minute bar with 55+ datapoints . Designed for quant clients needing ready-to-use in-depth intraday data for machine learning. Include OHLC bid/ask/trades and unique fields such as TradeAtAsk, TradeAtBid. Quandl offers free and unlimited access to 8 million time-series datasets from 400 sources spanning finance, economics, society, health, energy, demography & more. Quandl is a search engine to find the data you need; then get that data in any format you want, via instant download, our API, or any of 12 packages that talk directly to Quandl

Gold Futures Historical Data. Get free historical data for Gold Futures. You'll find the closing price, open, high, low, change and %change of the Gold Futures for the selected range of dates. The. 2. Quandl seems to be a bit more committed to the long term, so that is encouraging. 3. I have used them for: a. EOD futures continuous contract data. See link below for the futures I trade most actively via Qshare. b. FRED economic data, like money supply, etc. 4. The downloaders I built were simple, and took less than 5 minutes. Not sure how. Just an FYI, in the last month or so Quandl has added futures options data from OptionWorks and in the last couple of days they've added equity options data from Quantcha. Subscriptions are $100/mo if you go mo-to-mo or $75/mo if you sign up for a year. From what I've seen of the futures options data, the history goes back almost six years and I believe the equity options data goes back 13. Quandl - Overview & Setup. Quandl is a data provider that brings together over 20 million financial and economic datasets from over 500 sources. Many of these datasets are free and can be easily accessed via the Excel Price Feed Add-in. For example, here is an extract from one of the weekly Commitment of Traders reports issued by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

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Wolfram Community forum discussion about Financial data from Quandl in Wolfram Language using QuandlLink. Stay on top of important topics and build connections by joining Wolfram Community groups relevant to your interests Dividend Data: dividend history and future announcement dates. These data describe over 5000 publicly traded US and Canadian companies and are updated daily. Finding the Data. If you are not already a registered Quandl user, now is the time to sign up. You will find links to all of the data sets mentioned above from the Quandl vendors page The script gathers daily oil price data from Quandl and plots how the price has changed over the past few months. Gathering data. First, we import pandas, numpy, and matplotlib and give them conventional short names. In [1]: # Import libraries import pandas as pd import numpy as np import matplotlib as mpl import matplotlib.pyplot as plt % matplotlib inline Next, we identify the url for our. Quandl. Quandl. Country/Territory Canada. Founder and CEO Tammer Kamel. Headquarters Toronto. As of Feb 13, 2018. A powerhouse in what's being called alternative data, tracks everything.

Historical Data. We supply high quality filtered historical financial quote (Qt) and transaction (Tx) data. Intraday tick data and regular interval (1 to 60 minutes and daily) bar data are available. We cover forex (Qt only), futures, indices and derivatives thereof Continuous Contract Commodities and Futures Data Examples: All World Markets OFDP/FUTURE_TY1 OFDP/FUTURE_ES1 OFDP/FUTURE_CL1 OFDP/FUTURE_BP1 Forex Data Examples: 134 pairs available QUANDL/USDEUR QUANDL/EURJPY QUANDL/GBPUSD Bitcoin rates: All Currencies BITCOIN/MTGOXEUR BITCOIN/MTGOXUSD Bitcoin Stats: BCHAIN/TOTBC (total coins) Note1: Most Econ series and other series like M2 Money Supply.

Downloading Historical Futures Data From Quandl. Futures contracts are ubiquitous in quantitative trading and have yet to be discussed in any great detail on QuantStart. This will be the first in a series of articles explaining how to download, store, clean and stitch futures data for use in your trading systems. Up until recently it was rather. Quandl has a vast collection of free and open. Quandl intraday futures data utop penny stock. Sharding by time is well-suited to intraday Moonshot strategies that trade once a day, since such strategies typically only utilize a subset of bar times. MINOR version of your deployment. If so, diff will underestimate turnover and thus underestimate commissions and slippage. You can model short sale constraints in your backtests with short sale.

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Tammer Kamel's company Quandl unearths previously undiscovered but useful proprietary data sets, and then sells them to hedge funds who can reap huge returns.. Provides Forex Tick Data, Forex Data, Futures Data, Stock Data, Economic Data, Fundamental Data, Tick Data, Bid-Offer Data, Intraday Data, E.O.D. Data. price on request at info@ForexTickData.com. ORATS: US equity options historical quotes, greeks, implied volatilities, and theoretical values back to 2007.: Near end-of-day FTP delivery of clean options quotes, greeks, IVs and theos. 2-minute. Most of their free data is sourced from Yahoo and Google finance but unlike the first two, Quandl data tends to be more reliable in my experience and I've not encountered any inconsistencies or malfunctions so far, unlike Yahoo or Google (knock on wood.) Besides daily stock prices, Quandl also contains a wider variety of data including economic data, company fundamentals, futures, option.

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Quandl Excel Formula Reference. Click the Excel icon to download a sample spreadsheet with Excel Price Feed Quandl formulas. The Add-in provides two formulas which are used to populate your spreadsheet with Quandl data. Both of these formulas require you to specify both a Quandl Database Code and a Quandl Dataset Code How to trade the dax futures quandl database dataset for intraday data. Their datasets are used by top hedge funds, asset managers, and investment banks. They are amazing, Customize the data visualizations and chart types the way you want to see how to get trade archiect td ameritrade how much are stock scanners, and get a feel of how easy it is to understand data. Username or Email. The day.

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Advent 2019: Integrating Quandl data with Python Quandl & Anvil. In the holiday spirit, Anvil built a web application on top of Quandl's API in less than an hour. See how their platform empowers users to rapidly build and deploy Python web apps. Read More. December 13. Quantamental investing's inevitable future Forbes. How will you find success as fundamental and quant worlds collide. We will focus on accessing financial futures data on Quandl. quantmod. Many readers are likely familiar with the finance sites on Yahoo and Google as sources for tracking stock, mutual fund, and exchange traded fund (ETF) prices and returns. Using quantmod, one can easily load this data into R by specifying the the same ticker symbol that is used in these two web sources. As with any other R. Quandl provides alternative data and core financial data from over 350 sources to more than 30,000 active monthly users. The company offers a global database of alternative, financial and public data, including information on capital markets, energy, shipping, healthcare, education, demography, economics and society. Nasdaq plans to combine Quandl with its existing Analytics Hub business.

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With Gann Systems you need historical price data. While the Kairos Platform lets you import your own CSV Price Data, you can also use the built-in Quandl Price Data. The Wiki-Continuous Futures DB has over 600 futures contracts, and that is just one of several free Quandl DBs. Some of the free DBs are shown below, notably WIKI EOD Stock Prices has 3200 symbol and the WIKI Continuous Futures. NEWSLETTER; Home; COVID-19; News; Intelligence. Back; Analysis; Interviews; Features; White Papers; Case Studie You can get the stock data using popular data vendors. I would try to answer these question using stock market data using Python language as it is easy to fetch data using Python and can be converted to different formats such as excel or CSV files.. Nasdaq said it bought Quandl, Inc., which provides alternative and core financial data. Quandl will allow Nasdaq to partner more closely with the investing community as the industry. ICE EUA Futures Historical Prices. Find Historical End-of-Day ICE EUA Futures prices on the Price History page. For more data, Barchart Premier members can download historical Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly data on the ICE EUA Futures Historical Download tab, and can download additional underlying chart data and study values using the Interactive Charts

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When you first open the database, it will say Not enough data available. Go Tools > Futures-PremiumData - this runs the maintenance script and it will populate all of the symbols, groups and sectors. Step 6 If desired, you can set the current database as the default so that it opens automatically when AmiBroker starts. To do this, go Tools > Preferences, select the Data tab and under the box. NEW YORK and TORONTO, Dec. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) announced today it has acquired Quandl, Inc., a leading provider of alternative and core financial data 30 DAY FEDERAL FUNDS - OVERVIEW. 30-Day Fed Funds futures are one of the most widely used tools for hedging short-term interest rate risk. Fed Fund futures are a direct reflection of collective marketplace insight regarding the future course of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy Quandl, a Nasdaq company, is the largest provider and pioneer of alternative data for financial professionals. The company sources, evaluates and productizes undiscovered data assets, transforming them into quantified, actionable intelligence for select institutional clients. With a customer base that includes the world's top hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks, Quandl delivers. Free daily OHLC volume data is available from Yahoo Finance and from Quandl. I use Quandl, because more securities and indexes are available thru them. Free daily OHLC for options is a different story. I have not found it. You can obtain Endof Day price (not OHLC) from EODDATA.com for a reasonable price

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