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Binance has convert button that allows you to collect dusts or swap your coin into other coin. Is this button basically trade? If so, I'd assume Is this button basically trade? If so, I'd assume Buy BNB or BUSD Via the Binance Convert & OTC Portal. There's another method available if you want to gain BNB or BUSD for use on Launchpool: the recently launched Binance Convert & OTC Porta l, which supports instant conversions and zero fees. You can use this platform with as little as 10 USDT or as much as 100,000 USDT (minimum and maximum amounts may vary depending on the crypto you use) to turn your crypto into another kind of token in seconds. There is a range of different. Others can correct if I am wrong, but converting is basically the same as placing a market order on a trading platform. (You are paying the current market price for the coin). Other types of trading - limit orders (saying you are willing to buy x coins at a price limit), and margin trading involve delays in order fulfilment + risk From my experience, in the end I get less with convert than through regular tradin

Binance has recently launched the Convert & OTC Portal following months of development. This portal, which can accommodate both small and large crypto block trades, represents the evolution of Binance's growing service suite for large-scale crypto users. Through the Binance Convert & OTC Portal, traders can request for quotes (RFQ) on-demand 24/7. Once traders like the rates they see, they can proceed to confirm trades and receive quick settlement directly into their Binance account Trading fees vs. Convert spread penalty. General. Does anyone know the specifics of which is more cost efficient: a trade with the 0.01% maker/taker fee vs. the less-advantageous-than-market-price spread in convert? Their website just says that the when converting, the sell price would be lower and the buy price would be higher than market, but. After my account got unlocked, I proceeded to trade all the random coins/tokens I had into XLM for an easier and faster transfer out of Binance. Once that was complete, I initiated the withdrawal request for one lump sum into my Ledger. Probably a bad idea, but I just wanted everything out of there ASAP before I ran out of time. I thought it was over and I was ELATED, but after waiting for 30 minutes, the XLM never arrived in my wallet, so I checked back into Binance and noticed that the. Users can easily convert their assets on the portal without having to worry about complicated matters such as the order book and trading fees. You can find out about the Benefits of conducting larger OTC crypto trade size (generally 10,000 USDT equivalent or higher) trades on the portal. Start by registering an account today to find out more

Trades werden direkt über die Spot-Wallet deines Binance-Kontos abgewickelt. Die Abwicklung erfolgt in der Regel sofort, nachdem du einen Trade bestätigt hast Binance has launched a function allowing users to instantly convert from other stablecoins into BUSD. The ratio to convert PAX, USDC and TUSD into BUSD will be set at 1:1 with zero fees. The ratio to convert USDT into BUSD will vary based on the current market price 10000 Bc Isaimini, Youtube Slow Down, Post Brexit Meaning, Greeley Rec Center Pool, Ripple Plant-based Milk Nutrition It can be also looked at with the perspective of the stock market shares where the shares keep on fluctuating second by second. Trading in cryptocurrency coins is similar to that of the stock market shares. Binance is a website which enables users to trade and it has its own Alt coin known as the Binance coin or BNB List with the pair available on Binance (in this case with the pair BTC). Behind the abbreviation you can see for which coin you can exchange it directly. For example ARK/BTC stands for Ark (ARK) that can be traded for Bitcoin (BTC) and vice versa. Buy Orders: All current (not yet executed) buy orders of the selected coin in the order book

This video explains how to use the Binance instant convert feature. Do check it out.Click here to create your Binance account: https://www.binance.com/en/reg.. Binance vs Binance US: Fees Standard Binance trading fees are 0.1%, but by using Binance native token BNB, you can make considerable reduction to the fees, currently 25% less if you check the option to pay fees in BNB (instead of paying them in the coin you are buying)

Trading on margin or margin trading is the practice of borrowing funds from a platform to open larger positions than your available assets. This way, the trader can leverage their margin to make outsized gains (or losses) depending on the amount of leverage. Binance allows its users to trade on margins and borrow from funds from the exchange. In return, the borrowers pay interest on the borrowed funds. Interest rates vary from asset to asset, and the interest is charged based on the amount. Convert 1 Tether to Binance Coin. You can check the trade limit for all the cryptocurrency pairs here. Trade; Exchange; Close. UPDATE: Account Verifications (02-02) Join the Community (02-02) Get the Binance.US App (02-02) RVN / USD. 3. Anyone hoping to trade Binance Coin must weigh up various factors. Binance is well-known for its massive altcoin list, with more than 500 choices available to.

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Binance.com convert vs trade. Take a look at the latest offers available on Launchpool and put your crypto to use. The Spot wallet is also used as a default wallet for the Launchpool funding, so you don't need to move your funds anywhere to use them in Launchpool. Binance trade can be automated using the MT 4/MT 5. Make sure that the crypto you'll use to swap for BNB/BUSD is on your Spot. To facilitate trade on its platform, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange has been built with users in mind. The platform has two commercial interfaces, one for basic users, while the other is for advanced users. However, both come with easy-to-use features so that anyone can trade in Binance without problems, regardless of their level Binance vs. Coinbase: Supported Currencies . Binance is well-known for its massive altcoin list, with more than 500 choices available to non-U.S. users. However, the Binance.US exchange only. Crypto. Fiat. Binance does not charge deposit fees. For each withdrawal, a flat fee is paid by users to cover the transaction costs of moving the cryptocurrency out of their Binance account. Withdrawals rates are determined by the blockchain network and can fluctuate without notice due to factors such as network congestion

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binance convert vs trade. Tornado Warning Update, Ponferradina Vs Espanyol Prediction, Lemon Peel Meaning In Tamil, Miles To Feet To Meters, Uk To Cyprus, Luxury Hotels In Gibraltar, Circuit Breaker High Availability, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website. Save my name, email, and website in this. Binance has five trading settings - Convert, Classic, Advanced, Margin, and P2P. Before now, they were only Basic and Advance settings. Convert as the name suggests is an easy way to exchange or swap your digital asset from one currency to another, without having to deal with market prices. The OTC portal gives you a conversion rate from current market prices. Chances are that you will never. This article takes a look at the differences between cryptocurrency investing vs trading, which can be deceivingly similar at first glance.. There are several ways for anyone to generate wealth in the Cryptocurrency market. You can either be a: A) Miner. B) Investor. C) Trader. Mining is a technical process that requires someone to have background knowledge and experience in setting up. Binance gives you an easy way to trade the entirety of those small balances for BNB. Just log into the web version of Binance and head to Wallet > Exchange Wallet. Make sure the checkbox next to Hide low balance assets is unmarked, then click on Convert to BNB. You can only perform the process once every 24 hours. (Note: You could make a counterargument in favor of holding those small balances. ️ Join the BitSquad on Telegram: https://bit.ly/2PG8knO We have started our $150 BTC/BitBoy Merch Giveaway! To enter, become a subscriber to our channel and..

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The base fee that Binance puts on trades is 0.1%, which is both for takers and makers! However, you can reduce this if you choose to hold BNB on Binance; this will reduce your fee by 25%, which will leave you with a 0.075% fee. If you already are holding a BNB, Binance automatically uses the 0.075% as your default fee. Later on down the road, you can decide if you'd like to turn the BNB. Binance US Trading limits and policies Trade; Close. $1,69T. Total marketcap. $4,27T. Total volume. 43.58%. BTC dominance. en . English ; Русский You can calculate/convert BNB from SafeMoon to Binance Coin converter. Also, you can select other currencies from the drop-down list. SAFEMOON to BNB Conversation Table . SAFEMOON BNB ; 200000 SAFEMOON = 0.0007 BNB : 300000 SAFEMOON = 0.001 BNB : 500000 SAFEMOON = 0.001 BNB.

Binance Bridge. The safe, fast and most secure way to bring cross-chain assets to Binance chains. Introduction video. View Proof of Assets User Guide. Daily limit ? per address ( The current Binance Coin to Euro exchange rate is 348.38 EUR. The price is calculated based on rates on 69 exchanges and is updated live every few seconds. The easiest way to convert Binance Coin for Euro is to trade BNB/EUR pair on Binance. To see the latest exchange rate and see Binance Coin historical prices, head over to the Binance Coin page Convert 1 Tether to Binance Coin. Get live crypto exchange rates, historical prices & charts for USDT to BNB with CoinCodex's free cryptocurrency calculator pesgermany.d Note: If you use a third-party platform to trade on Binance via an API key, you will have access to even more order types. Margin Trading Types. If you have a higher tolerance towards risk, you might be tempted to use Binance to trade on margin. This means that you can trade with more money than you have in account - so you are effectively borrowing the surplus funds from Binance. In turn.

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Cryptocurrency futures trading tutorial. Platform used is Binance. WARNING: most other popular futures platforms trade against their own users. In this tutor.. wBNB is wrapped BNB DISCLAIMER. Please note that all projects and dApp applications running on the Binance Smart Chain are independently developed by third-party developers. They are not audited by Binance official team.Binance Smart Chain is an entirely open-source and open community, which means everyone and all project parties can participate Conversion from Binance Coin to United States dollar can be done at current rates as well as at historical rates - to do this, select the desired exchange rate date. Today's date is set by. How to Trade on Binance DEX. 1) Go to www.binance.org. 2) Click Unlock wallet on the top right navigation bar. The recommended way for unlocking is by WalletConnect or Ledger. If you use Ledger, please select the address you want to use for this session. After unlocking your wallet, make sure that your balance is correct by clicking the.

About Binance.US Launched in September 2019, Binance.US is a digital asset marketplace, powered by matching engine and wallet technologies licensed from the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Operated by BAM Trading Services based in San Francisco, California, Binance.US aims to provide a fast, secure and reliable platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the United States In this 2021 Binance US review, I will examine what Binance US is, its history, team, the pros and cons of the platform, and more. Binance US is a cryptocurrency exchange launched by Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet.. Binance US brings the same cutting edge tech and world-class trading services loved by crypto traders worldwide to US customers -- under full US.

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How to use Trust Wallet to convert BNB to smart chain: The actual process is quite simple. Once you've set up an account with Trust Wallet, you can transfer your existing Binance Coin from Binance. Kraken VS Binance: The Comparison. In order to keep things in order, we're going to take it from the top, and compare Kraken VS Binance by using the above-given features as the main criteria. Let's start off by taking a look at just how secure each of the two crypto exchanges are. Securit

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  1. The price value Binance Coin (BNB) today is $371.89311. Choose from any of the 45000 possible cryptocurrency pairs on CoinSwitch and view the best prices across exchanges to trade Litecoin to Binance Coin. You can convert Litecoin into Binance Coin or any of the 300 plus cryptocurrencies available on CoinSwitch with utmost transparency
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  3. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is Binance, which does almost half a billion dollars in trading volume every day. It offers a wide variety of digital currencies for users to buy, sell, and trade, while also providing a simple and easy to use platform. The problem, however, is that until recently Binance only dealt in cryptocurrencies

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  1. Binance US Fee Rating: 10/10. Conclusions. The Binance US trading fees are far superior to Coinbase Pro in every way possible. Binance US is both more friendly towards small traders who don't expect to execute more than $50k in trading volume, as well as whales who plan on executing north of $1B in trading volume each month
  2. Binance also lists a huge selection of other cryptocurrencies, so you can easily convert your ADA to another coin later. In order to buy Cardano (ADA) on Binance, you first need to open an account. 1. Register on Binance. Binance is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. A major reason for Binance's popularity is its.
  3. us any discount offered for those who pay their fees in BNB, Binance's own cryptocurrencies
  4. utes. Open Your Binance.
  5. Selling 1 BUSD you get 0.998484873375 Tether usdt. Binance USD 3/13/20 had the highest price, at that time trading at its all-time high of $1,15. 458 days have passed since then, and now the price is 87.26% of the maximum. Based on the table data, the BUSD vs USDT exchange volume is $993 071 448,3425. Using the calculator/converter on this page.
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  7. Compare the two trading platforms, Binance and Trade Satoshi. Analyze fees, cryptocurrencies offered, liquidity, security and other important factors

www.rapidcourse.co Binance is a third-party cryptocurrency exchange that allows the users to buy/sell a huge number of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency. It is one of the fastest, and the largest (by trade volume), crypto exchanges in the world. Founded by Changpeng Zhao in July 2017, the Binance exchange was initially based in China, but due to increasing regulations, the company has now moved its. Binance allows you to trade with another user in a direct manner - you'd pay in your local currency, via an agreed-upon payment method. More often than not, this method would be a bank transfer . Here, Binance acts as an escrow service - this way, you can be sure that the trades are going to be legitimate , and that you won't get scammed out of all of your money

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  1. us any discount offered for those who pay their fees in BNB, Binance's own cryptocurrencies. However, on Binance, these fees.
  2. ent names in the crypto exchanges industry is Binance . Founded in 2017, the exchange quickly reached the number one spot by trade volumes, registering more than USD 36 billion in trades by the beginning of 2021. Ge
  3. Going along with our example, we will convert our Bitcoin into USD on Coinbase, one of the world's most popular exchanges that is also known for its ease of use. From Binance (or wherever we have our Bitcoin), we want to send our Bitcoin to Coinbase. As with Binance, we will deposit our Bitcoin into the Bitcoin wallet provided by Coinbase

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  1. 1. Convert all funds into Bitcoins, if you have other coins on account - Bibot will immidiatly sell it by current prices after start. For all tariffs. 1. Fill the start form above and wait for contact from Bibot Support team. 2. Create API Keys on Binance. Disable withdrawal and allow for trading from our server IP (we provide you your personal.
  2. Binance.us has extremely low fees and is still very safe. I trade on Binance.us without any issues. The only downside to Binance.us is its cryptocurrency withdrawal fees aka network fees (they're a tad higher than Coinbase *sometimes*), but you'll still win out BIGTIME against the trading fees from Coinbase and Coinbase Pro
  3. Binance Trading Platform Binance Futures and Derivatives. Binance Futures, which was launched in 2019, enables traders to speculate on the price of (rather than to purchase and sell) Bitcoin and various popular altcoins, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more.. The platform allows leveraged trading of up to 125x, which means that traders can multiply their profits (but.
  4. In 2021, Binance added the option to trade tokenized stocks. With this new addition, Binance users can now get exposure to the traditional asset class directly on the Binance platform. To use the Binance tokenized stocks feature, you need to complete your KYC, and then you can start trading in these stocks. Watch this video to learn everything about Binance tokenized stocks: Subscribe for more.

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  1. In this Binance VS Coinbase comparison, we're going to discuss two of the biggest crypto exchanges on the market.I'm going to tell you what they are, what services they offer, and how safe they are to use.Because this is a Coinbase VS Binance review, I'm also going to tell you which exchange is best for newbie traders.. The cryptocurrency market is worth more than $320 billion today
  2. Binance VS Alvexo. As we've said earlier already, Binance certainly is a legit platform but we consider Alvexo to be far more reliable and provide more advantages. The broker in fact, offers a.
  3. Binance vs Coinbase: A Side by Side Comparison. A detailed comparison between Binance and Coinbase exchange. For anyone new to the world of cryptocurrencies, getting to grips with the variety of coins on offer can be intimidating. The same can be said for the wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges that service the sector, and chances are that even if you are still new to the scene, you've.
  4. With the aid of the Binance margin, you can trade crypto with borrowed money from Binance. But Binance Savings is the exception where you lend your crypto to Binance and obtain a fee for it. Binance currently had two live versions of Binance Savings. They are Flexible Savings and Locked Savings. We'll explain both kinds of Binance Savings. Visit Binance. Flexible Saving. The term flexible.
  5. Binance vs WazirX. Before going further, it should be mentioned that Binance actually acquired WazirX back in 2019. This enables WazirX users from India to directly link their accounts from WazirX to Binance and trade on the Binance platform by buying the USDT currency from WazirX. When looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange in India.
  6. Our users trade on 23 exchanges and automatically get profit using our trading bots, without wasting time on tracking quotes. In partnership with Binance More details. 3Commas in the news 3Commas - manage your Сryptocurrencies Cross-Exchange. Automated trading tools are supported on 23 major cryptocurrency exchanges Connect exchange Manage your positions in one tap with the 3Commas.
  7. Binance recently launched a futures trading platform - Binance Futures - that allows traders to use leverage and to open both short and long positions. After our first look and test positions, we can say that the platform is very similar to that of Binance's spot exchange, which makes the transition very easy. The user experience is just as smooth, and trading is relatively simple

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Coinbase uses a conversion system and charges a percentage based on the sale. Despite Coinbase's strong UI/UX, users often complain about the high conversion fees, which range from 1.49% to 3.99%. Trades on Bittrex are charged a flat rate of 0.25% regardless of the asset or trading pair, thus making Bittrex more expensive than Binance. While Bittrex also does not charge any fees for. Binance vs Coinbase. Binance is often compared with other crypto exchanges like Coinbase Pro or Kraken. Binance certainly offers a wider range of assets for trading, though Coinbase may be the more established exchange. Kraken is considered to be a solution better suited to beginner traders. Pros Of Trading With Binance Kraken vs Binance are two competent exchanges you can choose from and they both cater to a unique client. Let's dig deeper to analyse and compare the quality of services both exchanges offer. Exchanges overview. Kraken is a crypto-crypto as well as fiat-to-crypto exchange that is considered one of the top crypto exchanges in the world. The exchange was launched in 2011 and is based in San. You're now a Binance crypto trader! Now you know how to use Binance to make trades, I need to tell you about Binance trading fees. Trading Fees. Binance trading fees are some of the lowest on the market. Binance doesn't charge users for making deposits. This is because the exchange is cryptocurrency-only. It avoids the high fees that exchanges that offer fiat trading have to charge.

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2) Binance Smart Chain Extension (Chrome Web Store) 3) A little bit of BNB in the Bep2 format (which will be used as a gas, even $ 1 is fine). This is the classic BNB that we can buy on Trust or Binance. 4) Obviously we will also need the Bep2 tokens (for example Cake, Ankr, etc) which we will convert to Bep20 At Binance, the coins are not traded against a fiat currency and all trades are pair trades against BTC and ETH. So if you deposit ETH or BTC, you would effectively get less value for your coins to be traded. You can try to game them by going the other way, but it would be difficult because most exchanges do not carry the exotic coins so you got to trade it back to BTC and ETH. In summary. Binance.US strives to be a reliable and efficient marketplace providing access and trading across a healthy variety of digital assets. We will continue evaluating coins, tokens and trading pairs to offer on Binance.US in accordance with our Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework, community feedback, and market demand Buy Bitcoin with Tether at the best rate at CoinSwitch which lets you convert, compare and exchange or trade in the very same portal, which gives you a seamless trading experience. CoinSwitch not only aggregates the trading experience but also ensures trader a flawless and smooth delivery. The best part about CoinSwitch is that there is no transaction fee charged, which gives you the leverage.

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You can immediately trade your purchased crypto on the many products and services on the Binance Platform the Binance website explains. Binance accepts a wide range of currencies and makes it. It is obvious to have a crypto fight of Binance Vs Coinbase amongst crypto traders. Let us compare them: Currency Services: Coinbase offers the facility to trade in fiat currencies from any of the 32 countries it allows their services. It provides trade only in four cryptocurrencies, BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC (12 trading pairs). Fiat trading is a. Binance is a Cayman Islands-domiciled cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies founded in 2017. As of April 2021, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume.. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, a developer who had previously created high frequency trading software

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Step 1: Go to the Binance.US OTC Trading Portal and log-in to your account. Step 2: Choose whether you want to buy or sell: Step 3: Choose the coins you would like to trade: Enter one of the two amount boxes and press Get Quote to receive a quote. Step 4: A quoted price will show, which you can either choose to accept or reject. Once the quote expires, you can request another quote Binance USD (BUSD) is a new USD-denominated stablecoin approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) that will be launched in partnership with Paxos and Binance. Where can I get BUSD? Starting September 12, 2019, BUSD will be available on the Paxos platform for direct purchase and redemption 1:1 for U.S. dollars or PAX

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Were to trade them? After you are rewarded you can go on and open a trading account on Binance Dex exchanger and other exchangers as well and then transfer you coins there and trade them, but for you to transfer them you need some Binance coins for transaction fees and you are good to go. Don't be left out jump in and get you share. Atomic Wallet Binance Exchange Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC. Industry-leading security and full 24-hour support from Binance. Buy With. SGD. Buy. Get Started in Just 3 Steps. It's easy for anyone to get started, even if you have never bought cryptocurrency. Step 1 Create an Account. Step 2 Link Your Xfers Account. Step 3 Start Buying and Selling. The Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Platform. Here are a few reasons why Binance is the best place to start. Binance opened its U.S. exchange at the end of 2019 after U.S. regulators put pressure on the exchange to shut down access to U.S. denizens. Its team has been attempting to geo-block U.S. users. Trade; Close. $1,66T. Total marketcap. $4,17T. Total volume. 43.55%. BTC dominance. en . English ; Русский You can calculate/convert BUSD from Aerotyne to Binance USD converter. Also, you can select other currencies from the drop-down list. ATYNE to BUSD Conversation Table . ATYNE BUSD ; 600000 ATYNE = 0 BUSD : 2000000 ATYNE = 0 BUSD : 3000000 ATYNE = 0 BUSD : 4000000 ATYNE = 0 BUSD.

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Want to know How much Binance Bitcoin is 1 Mirrored Google? 1 Mirrored Google to BTCB Calculator: Exchange Rate Price . Here you can check exchanges where you can trade Mirrored Google to BTCB pair Want to know How much Binance Coin is 1 Mars Ecosystem Token? 1 Mars Ecosystem Token to BNB Calculator: Exchange Rate Price . Here you can check exchanges where you can trade Mars Ecosystem Token to BNB pair Valor Minimo Para Opera Trade Na Binance. Assine nossa news e fique por dentro do mercado financeiro cursos para operar day trade Binance, exchange de criptomoedas - nós operamos a maior exchange trader book reminiscences of a stock operator de bitcoin e altcoins do mundo por volume A Binance Futures irá lançar uma nova regra de limite mínimo nocional de ordem para todos os contratos USD.

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DAFI is listed on Pancakeswap, users can enjoy fast & low-fee trades. The launch of Super Staking is being made compatible with Binance Smart Chain. Meaning that you can soon stake your BEP20 DAFI within the first alternative to basic network incentives, and become an actual part of the economies you love

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